Kionix Introduces Low Power, Full-Featured 2x2x0.9mm Accelerometer With FIFO/FILO Buffer

ITHACA, N.Y., Jan. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kionix, Inc. today announced the release of the KX022, a 2x2x0.9mm tri-axis, robust accelerometer with integrated FIFO/FILO buffer that maintains low power while offering a wide variety of embedded algorithms for maximum functionality. Embedded features include tap detection, orientation detection, activity monitoring, and motion wake-up algorithms, as well as an internal voltage regulator and self-test function. With an ultra-small package, high-performance embedded functionality, and current consumption as low as 2µA, the KX022 is ideally suited for smartphones, tablets, and health and fitness applications.

The KX022 also features a user-configurable, low-power, embedded motion wake-up function, allowing the user to conserve battery life by powering down other systems until needed. Combined with Kionix's XAC sensor, which provides outstanding stability with a market-leading combination of improved shock, reflow, and thermal performance, as well as a decreased need for production-line calibration, the KX022 provides customers with substantial reductions in power, noise, and cost.

"Kionix continues to aggressively address customer requirements for a small sensor footprint and for greater product functionality," said Scott Miller, Vice President of Engineering, Kionix. "As a result, we have successfully enhanced our previous 2x2 offering by adding in a full range of embedded algorithms and functionality and an integrated FIFO/FILO buffer, dropping current consumption, and reducing noise, thereby making this part perfect for mobile applications."

KX022 features include:

  • Low current consumption in all modes: 2 µA in standby, 10 µA at normal resolution (25Hz ODR), and 130 µA for high resolution;
  • User-selectable resolution and acceleration ranges at +/-2g, +/-4g or +/-8g, as well as user-selectable Output Data Rate (ODR);
  • Embedded FIFO/FILO buffer;
  • Two interrupt registers;
  • Digital high-pass filter outputs;
  • Low noise for better resolution;
  • I2C and SPI digital output;
  • An internal voltage regulator that maintains constant internal operating voltages over its 1.8 – 3.6V range of input supply;
  • Up to 14-bit resolution for greater precision;
  • Self-test function; and
  • Embedded functionality, including tap detection, orientation, activity, and motion wake-up algorithms.


Available in a 12-pin, LGA, plastic package, the KX022 will be sampling to qualified customers during Q1 2013. For more information, please email: or contact the Kionix sales office nearest you.

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