InstallerNet to Launch Residential and Commercial Installation Services for Electric Vehicle Charging Systems


Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InstallerNet, a leader in providing installation solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers, announced today that it will be offering installation services for the fast-growing electric vehicle industry; and it will be forming a strategic partnership with a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial charging stations, to be announced later this year.

A majority of electric vehicle customers purchase and install level-2 (240Volt) charging stations in their home. The charging efficiency of these devices versus the level-1 (120Volt) charger that's usually included as part of the vehicle purchase is a significant value to drivers who depend on electricity as the fuel for their vehicle. Electric cars are projected to account for 64% of the US light-vehicle sales by 2030, and over 1,000,000 charging systems are expected to be installed over the next three years.

InstallerNet is also uniquely positioned to become a leader in this market with its advanced service event management platform and established network of service providers which includes licensed electrical contractors. "Being the only nationwide service solutions provider for the automotive, fleet, residential, and commercial marketplace, gives us a unique understanding of the automotive sales process combined with a residential installation service," stated Bill Erdman, InstallerNet's Chief Operations Officer. "We have developed a simplified model that will allow automobile manufacturers' to represent an otherwise complicated service, while leveraging financing along with the vehicle purchase."

The current electric vehicle charging station installation models have not proven successful mostly because of the many variables surrounding the installation. Providers that lack the experience or do not have the process for normalizing service events are not able to develop a scalable solution for nationwide retailers and automobile manufacturers. InstallerNet's platform assures customer satisfaction by providing a fully-managed solution where only the highest rated service providers are allowed to service their clients. The company's EV installer network will be qualified, trained, tested and certified by INU (InstallerNet University), a division of the company that is responsible for Quality Assurance by tracking Key Performance Indicators.

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