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Falls Church, VA, Jan. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cambria County, PA has launched Veterans Treatment Court services in partnership with the Cambria County VA and VetAdvisor®, the Cambria County District Attorney's Office announced today. Veterans Treatment Courts, tailored for vets with first-time offenses, are beginning to be established all over the country. Judges offer leniency to qualifying veterans in exchange for a treatment plan, usually fulfilled at a VA facility. In Cambria County, VetAdvisor® will step in to provide treatment to veterans who don't qualify for VA services.

"The Cambria County Vet Court provides an effective way to reach at-risk veterans and provide them with the services that can help smooth their transition to civilian life," states Jennifer Roseman, Vice President of VetAdvisor® Services. "We look forward to working with the VA and the DA's Office to ensure that no Cambria County veteran falls through the cracks."

Working with Cambria County pre-trial services, VetAdvisor® staff will meet with veterans to complete a general assessment to address each veteran's financial, behavioral health, wellness, and career needs. Prevention, Intervention, and Education (PIE) are the three key areas that VetAdvisor® staff and veterans will collaboratively address.

Coaches will utilize goal setting by identifying obstacles and assist veterans in strengthening their personal support systems. Within two sessions an Individual Service Plan (ISP)/Personal Plan will be established to determine actions steps. VetAdvisor® for Cambria County will be offered in weekly 50 minutes sessions, for 3-6 months.

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About VetAdvisor®: VetAdvisor® provides proactive preventative care to military veterans, supporting them throughout their journey by managing behavioral health, wellness, financial, and employment issues. We also consult with corporate HR and management teams to teach organizations how to recruit, retain, and interface with military veterans and service members. For more information, visit

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