Here's What Facebook May Unveil Next Week

Source: Facebook

Facebook will show off something new next week, but it's being mysterious about what exactly it plans to unveil.

The social media network sent out a press invitation Tuesday that simply stated: "Come see what we're building." No other information was offered, but speculation has focused on a major product related to online advertising and mobile.

Facebook recently launched a handful of advertising services, including new ways to promote posts and display ads. It also unveiled its Facebook Exchange ad system last September. So it wouldn't be too surprising if the company announces more ways to for users to increase their visibility.

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There have also been reports that Facebook is planning to implement video ads in users' newsfeeds. This service may roll out in the spring, according to reports, although Facebook hasn't confirmed any such plan.

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With Facebook's recent push into the e-commerce space, there's also the possibility that it could announce something about growing its presence in online shopping. The social giant announced more partnerships with multiple retailers—including, baby Gap and Random House—allowing users to purchase items on its platform.

There is also speculation that Facebook could be launching its own search engine or a smartphone, although CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the company has no such intentions.

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The event will be Tuesday at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.