Cramer Navigates Treacherous Tech-Scape

In technology, there are very few themes that are investible, said Cramer, although individual companies might be.

According to Cramer the entire sector is a dangerous place because largely it can't escape the woes vexing the PC market, which is facing declining sales as tablets cannibalize the market.

Barclays Capital's hardware analyst Ben Reitzes perhaps summed up sentiment on the Street best late last year when he cut his outlook for the sector through 2016.

"It can no longer be assumed that the PC market can remain in the range of 350 million units a year - and we argue that the PC replacement cycle is in the process of being elongated by 1-2 years, resulting in the loss of 50-100 million units in annualized demand by 2015," he wrote.

As a result, Cramer said the only theme he feels truly comfortable with is the long-term theme of the next generation build out of cellphones.

"In technology this is one of the few places where you'll find a rising tide lifting all boats," he said.

"I expect 2013 will be the year of the 4g and ultimately the start of the 5g build- out. Unfortunately, there are very few ways to play it beyond the continual theme of the tower stocks, as all the carriers need more of them."

"My two favorites are SBA Communications and American Tower," he said.

And I can also stand behind Qualcomm and Broadcom, chip stocks deep in the heart of the next generation phones. And I am embracing JDSU and Akamai for the testing and streaming of video over the internet."

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Tech Innovation
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Tech Innovation

Otherwise, if you want to play tech, Cramer said the only way to do it is with single stock stories.

"I think Oracle's an inexpensive stock given Oracle's global reach , fabulous balance sheet and ferociously competitive management."

"I think the world of SAP, Oracle's biggest competitor, and I think it's having a smoking quarter, wouldn't be surprised if it pre-announced a better than expected quarter soon, although it is in an endless dogfight with Oracle."

"I also like Salesforce as an expensive but dominant cloud computing play," he added. "I like Apple but I am not pounding the table on it. And I'm bullish on Facebook for their potential in mobile but only on a pullback."

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