Expect 2013 Hard Landing in China: Gallagher

A hard landing in China this year would mean a growth rate slowed to 3 percent to 3 percent, pulling down global GDP as much as 2 percent, Societe Generale Market Strategist and Head of Research Stephen Gallagher said Thursday.

"What we're looking, exploring is the possibility of a major pullback, because we tend to overshoot before we find our equilibrium," he said. "That overshooting is important because that's panic. That's when you spill over into the financial markets and into the financial institutions, and that could lead to a much larger downturn and pullback."

On "Fast Money," Gallagher said that he expectation was that China would grow 5 percent to 7 percent, with the former being "very weak growth for China."

Gallagher said that banks in Europe or the United States that were exposed to mining companies and equipment manufacturers could take a hit in the event of a China slowdown.

China's economy, he added, faced additional pressure from the once-a-decade transition of government.

"They're trying to push the economy from a cap x-led growth model to a consumer-led model," he said. "So, you've got a lot of pieces moving all at the same time."

As for the possibility that China would meet a hard landing, Gallagher said that it would likely happen this year.

Not so, said EmergingMoney.com's Tim Seymour.

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The odds of a hard landing in China?

"Zero," he said, citing increases in power production and power consumption, indicators of economic activity. "China has recovered. It's not 10 percent. It is not 2 percent."

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