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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Chiropractic Clinic is leading the way for affordable San Francisco pain management, injury rehabilitation and wellness care. The clinic announced that it now offers monthly payment plans to make regular adjustments affordable for patients without insurance. The plans are designed to help with ongoing pain management and injury rehabilitation care, as well as allow patients to receive regular follow-up treatments to optimize their health and reduce the risk for future injury. Two payment options are available. Patients with a six-month commitment pay $89 per month; patients with a twelve-month commitment pay $69 per month.

San Francisco chiropractor Dr. Jacob Sahourieh is working to make proactive chiropractic care more affordable. Dr. Sahourieh recently introduced a "Chiro Club" at his practice, which offers discounted care for patients who enroll in the six-month or 12-month membership program.

"These plans are ideal for budget-conscious patients, individuals without any health insurance, or individuals with limited insurance benefits," said Dr. Sahourieh. "No other San Francisco chiropractor in Soma, the Mission District, Potrero Hill or Noe Valley offers such high quality care at such an affordable rate. This is part of our commitment to expanding access to proactive wellness care and helping patients manage chronic back pain or neck pain."

"For as little as $69 per month, individuals have access to regular wellness care," said Dr. Sahourieh. "While it's difficult to put a price on good health, $69 definitely beats expensive doctor bills, failed back surgery, or a lifetime struggling with chronic back pain."

Dr. Sahourieh strongly believes that all patients deserve access to drug-free pain management and injury rehabilitation, regardless of their financial situation. His environmentally friendly practice is committed to giving back to the community and supporting each patient's well-being. He says long-term care is important for managing chronic back pain and reducing the risk for future injuries.

"Many individuals in San Francisco freelance or work part-time jobs that do not include comprehensive health benefits," said Dr. Sahourieh. "These individuals still deserve the same proactive wellness care, pain management and injury rehabilitation as anyone else with full insurance. Unfortunately, even individuals with insurance may not receive full coverage for proactive care. Our new "Chiro Club" makes regular treatment affordable and accessible for all."

Discounts on massage therapy, orthotics and supplements are offered exclusively to club members.

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