Arlington Veterinary Team Suggests Making Pet Boarding Arrangements Early

ARLINGTON, Texas, Jan. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gully Animal Hospital in Arlington, TX is reminding pet owners to plan early when scheduling pet boarding arrangements. According to veterinarian Dr. Roy C. Gully, the animal hospital typically experiences a significant increase of boarding requests during high travel times such as holidays and spring break. Pet owners who wait until the last minute may be left scrambling to find a safe and reputable boarding location. Dr. Gully recommends that owners schedule pet boarding as soon as travel plans are confirmed.

Pet owners should plan pet boarding at their local animal hospital, says the veterinary care team at Gully Animal Hospital. With an increasing number of boarding requests and a limited amount of spaces, boarding facilities fill up quickly.

Dr. Gully says that boarding at a vet hospital, where pets are already familiar with the staff and facilities, offers several important benefits. Waiting until the last minute could leave pets in an unfamiliar place or home alone.

"Boarding in a new, unfamiliar place can be stressful for pets," said Dr. Gully. "This is one of the clear advantages to boarding at a veterinary hospital. Pets are already familiar with the environment and the staff already knows the pet. In the event of a health emergency, the veterinary team will be steps away to help. Plus, we have a pet's full medical records at our fingertips. This makes for a safe boarding experience."

Dr. Gully and the team of veterinarians at the animal hospital discourage owners from leaving pets at home by themselves. Even if a neighbor is able to check on the pet once or twice a day, many pets become lonely, depressed, anxious or nervous. This can lead to destructive behavior or may even prompt a pet to try and escape.

"It may be difficult for a neighbor to even find 15 minutes to check on a pet, which is not a lot of quality time. Pets, especially dogs, need more attention and activity. Pets are much better off when left with trained professionals who will provide round-the-clock care and attention," said Dr. Gully.

In order to secure a spot at a veterinary boarding facility, pet owners should contact their veterinarian as soon as they confirm travel plans. Pet owners who are hosting out-of-town guests may also wish to consider boarding their pets as an influx of activity can cause stress for pets, according to the veterinarians.

In addition to Arlington dog boarding, Gully Animal Hospital also provides cat boarding in a quiet, stress-free environment. Pet owners can learn more about Fort Worth boarding services or make a reservation by visiting the website at

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