Atlanta Chiropractors Warn Winter Traffic Increases Risk for Car Accident Injury

ATLANTA, Jan. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With car accidents increasing over the winter season, the chiropractors at PSS Injury & Wellness Center in Atlanta, GA, are reminding injury victims about the importance of prompt treatment. According to chiropractor Dr. Edward Schneider, many accident victims delay seeking treatment. This is especially true for individuals with hectic travel schedules. A delay in treatment, however, can lead to chronic pain, including headaches, neck pain and back pain. Dr. Schneider and fellow Atlanta chiropractor Dr. Nya Jahdai-Brown are both reminding accident victims to prioritize their health and seek immediate diagnostic care following an injury.

Increased travel means an increase in highway traffic and auto accident injuries, says East Atlanta chiropractor Dr. Nya Jahdai-Brown and Dr. Edward Schneider. They want to urge these accident injury sufferers to learn about the importance of prompt care to avoid prolonged pain.

"Between hectic travel schedules and dangerous winter road conditions, we see an increase in car accident injury patients each winter," said Dr. Schneider. "Unfortunately, many more patients go without needed treatment. They may walk away from a fender bender with a stiff neck and think that this pain will simply get better with time. However, without proper treatment, whiplash injuries can get worse."

According to the chiropractors, even car accidents at low speeds can still cause a whiplash injury. This is most common car accident injury that the chiropractors treat.

"Whiplash is a serious injury that can occur even during a minor accident," said Dr. Jahdai-Brown. "The force from even a minor impact can whip the neck beyond its normal range of motion, straining the soft tissues and causing a spinal misalignment. Patients may then suffer from chronic neck pain, headaches and migraines."

According to the chiropractors, a spinal misalignment can cause chronic pain and also increase the risk for future injury. A herniated disc in the spine, for example, may compress nearby nerves, triggering chronic pain. Chiropractic care, such as cervical curvature restoration, can help restore proper alignment and alleviate pressure on the nerves.

Depending on the injury, the chiropractors may also recommend massage therapy or physiotherapy treatments, such as TENS neurostimulation and mechanical traction, to help relieve pain and promote internal healing.

"Traditional medical care following an accident injury relies on medication to numb pain," said Dr. Schneider. "While medication can provide relief, it is not a not the best long-term solution for back pain or neck pain. An integrated approach to pain relief must address the underlying cause for the pain. That's exactly what our treatments do, which is why they are so effective."

In addition to treating car accident injury patients, PSS Injury & Wellness Center also provides drug-free treatment for sports injury and personal injury patients in Ormewood, Grant Park, Downtown and South Moreland areas. Individuals may learn more about treatment options by visiting their website

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