Las Vegas Chiropractor Educates Patients With Social Media

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Las Vegas chiropractor Dr. Benjamin S. Lurie is getting creative when it comes to staying in touch with patients. The chiropractor uses social media for communication, posting wellness tips on Facebook, tweeting the latest pain management news, and sharing informational videos on YouTube. The practice also uses Google+ to engage with patients. According to Dr. Lurie, this approach to communication helps to keep patients informed about the latest natural healing news while also creating a wellness community online. Using social media to raise awareness about pain management and injury rehabilitation is a natural extension of the practice's commitment to patient education.

Chiropractic patients at The Neck and Back Clinics in Las Vegas, NV can now stay in touch with the practice using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Las Vegas chiropractor Dr. Benjamin S. Lurie is utilizing social media to keep patients educated and informed about natural healing and chiropractic care.

"Our practice is committed to patient education," said Dr. Lurie. "Our care goes beyond the chiropractor's office, and includes injury-prevention and wellness tips for whole body health. Social media naturally complements our commitment to our patients' well-being."

Patients and individuals interested in learning more about chiropractic care can like the practice's Facebook page at Dr. Lurie posts blog links, news articles, wellness tips and information to help patients avoid injury or treat existing injuries. Recent articles include information on the importance of chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy, five nutritional tips for healthier eating.

"Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with patients," said Dr. Lurie. "A posting on their Facebook newsfeed is the perfect way to remind patients to care for their bodies and share important news."

The practice also shares news about its community involvement including the upcoming 2013 Natalie Gulbis Golf Classic Benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson. Dr. Lurie encourages patients to get involved in the community to promote healthy habits.

"Many people are unfamiliar with the benefits of chiropractic adjustments," said Dr. Lurie. "We are using social media to not only educate patients, but also reach out to our community. Our proactive approach to pain management injury rehabilitation is different from traditional medical care, and we are excited to educate individuals about these important benefits."

In keeping with the practice's commitment to community outreach and wellness education, the practice has posted informational videos on YouTube. These videos help explain the science behind chiropractic adjustments. They walk individuals through what to expect during the first visit to a chiropractors office. The videos also explain why treating the underlying cause for an injury is so important to car accident injury rehabilitation.

Individuals can also learn more about the benefits of natural healing and injury rehabilitation on the practice's website,

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