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San Francisco, Jan. 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- adverCar, an innovative ad company, is seeking drivers to rent space on their cars to earn extra cash. Drivers earn $100 / month by working with adverCar to place advertising decals on their cars. Drivers can earn additional cash by agreeing to a GPS installation, providing adverCar and its customers real-time driver data. The first 100 people to sign up and showcase a brand will receive and additional 25%* this month. To sign up, drivers can visit By applying on the adverCar website, drivers are granting adverCar the permission to verify driver information.

Drivers can choose a campaign based on what products they like to use

Marketers benefit through this innovative ad model, giving customers a way to endorse their favorite brands. Social media has given people a new sense of brand excitement and sharing through "liking" products and services on Facebook. AdverCar gives brands the opportunity to receive a "rolling like" that can be driven into communities where people work, live and play.

Neil Turner, adverCar's founder and CEO commented, "Drivers are our greatest asset, and we've been lucky to work with tens of thousands around the country. We're excited to work with San Francisco-based advertisers and provide them with an opportunity to literally drive additional traffic into their stores."

Prospective drivers are required to own or lease their car, possess a valid driver's license and auto insurance, and enjoy a clean driving record. adverCar drivers are chosen based on a number of criteria including vehicle condition, year, make, model, geography, and daily commute. Once approved, drivers take part in existing adverCar campaigns, which can include any number of products or services. Campaigns last for one month, and can be extended if both parties agree. For decal installation, adverCar asks drivers to drive to a convenient location, which takes less than 15 minutes.

The growing 'collaborative consumption' or 'shared economy' is getting much attention, with companies like Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, Wheelz, and others, who are paying ordinary people to rent space or time for personal assets like cars, apartments and more.

Believing in this new type of economy, Turner added, "This is the way of the future -- it's a good idea to give people the ability to earn extra cash by using his or her underutilized assets. Innovation is alive and well in this new economy, and we're happy to be a part of it, giving people the ability to drive their typical route, and make money while they're at it."

The adverCar approach is tightly targeted. Drivers - typically young people and adverMoms™ - are paid to display a suite of removable decals to their car for a set period of time - usually one month. The ads go where the drivers go; advertisers can match a given promotion with specific driving locations---specific ZIP codes, supermarkets, mall parking lots, churches, clubs, soccer fields, etc. GPS, combined with driver reports, and stats based on the Traffic Audit Bureau standards, advertisers gain a rich set of data on each campaign.

adverCar recently announced its initial funding to grow its team and continue working with customers, including start-ups looking to recruit, auto and insurance companies, sports teams, quick service, political campaigns, cellular providers, residential solar, CPG companies, charities, and a myriad of others. This new mobile advertising model has been tested in 40 markets across 11 states. It's designed to offer advertisers more flexibility, greater specificity and more control in targeting consumers, at a tremendous cost savings.

adverCar drivers are 1099 contractors and therefore obligated to pay taxes after $600.00. A part of its operating process, adverCar reports driver earnings to the IRS. Check out the many happy driver testimonials.

*The first 100 drivers to sign up will receive a 25% bonus for one month of a campaign. The bonus deal ends on January 31, 2013.

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Headquartered in San Francisco, Ca., adverCar is an innovative media company that provides next-gen, out-of-home ad services to connect advertisers with consumers, displaying ads that cannot be ignored or clicked away. adverCar targets your customers where they live, work, and shop, driving people to desired behaviors. For more information, visit

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