Cramer: This Move Is in Its Infancy

According to Cramer a shift is underway and you'd best position for it now.

Last year investors rewarded companies that had little international exposure. "Now it's the exact opposite," Cramer said. "If a company has exposure to overseas, it's moving up. And conversely, if a company is largely exposed to America, it trades horribly."

And Cramer added with all the political posturing going on in Washington he thinks international stocks will remain in favor for quite some time. "I think the international trend is in its infancy," he said.

If that's the case, how should you position?

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In 2013, Cramer anticipates big things from China.

"Yesterday China had a remarkable session with many investors expecting China's fourth quarter and 2012 growth figures due Friday to show the economy continuing to bounce back.

If you share the bullish outlook, Cramer suggests looking at the FXI, an ETF made up of China-based companies. "I am recommending and I own it for my charitable trust," he said.

Also Cramer suggested keeping an eye on a string related plays.

For example, there's Coach, "which is now climbing out of the abyss that China had originally put it in."

"Also Cummins," Cramer added, "the big truck engine maker where the upside is linked to Chinese truck demand."

"I also say watch Starbucks, which has a gigantic expansion going on in China that I think is going terrifically, judging by the analyst meeting at the end of last year that I attended."

In addition Cramer likes Starwood which is building a hundred new hotels in China.

There's also Nike.

"The company had been hurt by an inventory overhang in China, but that's becoming a thing of the past and buyers are piling in, including my own charitable trust. I think the worst is over for them," said Cramer.

"And how about Wynn?" Cramer said. "Steve Wynn has put a huge amount of resources into Macau, the Vegas of China. I think Wynn's a buy."

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Cramer also suggested keeping an eye on broad internationals, "companies like Boeing, as well as Honeywell, Eaton and Emerson."

"All are viewed as being companies that expanded rapidly around the globe, especially in Asia, and they've been roaring since the year began despite nothing research oriented that would make you feel all warm and fuzzy about the numbers."

"You can even consider Dell as part of this trend, yes, Dell, the big global enterprise services company that's been hurt by its rapid expansion overseas at a time when no one trusted overseas markets. Now the word is that Dell might go private and it would make all the sense in the world if international is indeed turning, because half of Dell's revenues come from overseas," said Cramer.

Cramer also suggested keeping tabs on big growth drug companies that have exposure to Europe.

"They are doing terrifically, too, chief among them Celgene and Allergan, which had been kept back by worries about European exposure last year."

And don't forget the auto makers.

"Both Ford and GM had been kept back by international headwinds. Now those are tailwinds and they're lifting the stocks well past what I had seen as resistance," said Cramer.

And finally Cramer said don't forget banks.

"Santander, the huge Spanish bank has been on a roll, and I think it can go much higher as Spain may not even ask for a bailout given the recent strength in their economy," said Cramer.

"Oh and get this, JPMorgan just this morning put Royal Bank of Scotland on its buy list. I thought those guys were turned into scotch salmon by now. Pass the lox, I'm a buyer."

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