RegEd Expands Social Media Archiving and Surveillance Solution with a Content Library and Multiple Lexicons Continuing its Leadership in Compliance Technology

Raleigh, Jan. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RegEd, the leader of compliance technology in the financial services industry, announced today two major features, the social media content library and multiple-lexicons, as part of their Social Media Archiving and Surveillance solution, powered by Arkovi. These features continue a series of major releases on RegEd's social media archiving, compliance and monitoring platform. With these new capabilities, RegEd continues to lead the way in building innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the financial services industry.

"For any organization, a quick and easy way to distribute brand content is critical", said Blane Warrene, Senior Vice President, Customer Communications at RegEd. "These new features provide our clients with the tools to share content that is consistent, high-quality and compliance ready."

Social media content libraries are critical for financial services firms because they reduce the risk and moderate the workload for compliance teams by providing pre-approved content that only needs to be reviewed and approved once. Firm marketing teams are given peace of mind that brand messages will be consistent and that advisors can create a substantial and ongoing social media presence.

The RegEd content library allows firms to add their own content and additionally, in conjunction with RegEd's sister company, Emerald Connect, RegEd can provide FINRA pre-approved social media content on a range of financial services topics that will help drive traffic to firm and advisor websites. The content library provides controls for time-sensitive material and also integrates with to support customers' use of the URL-shortening analytics tool. Users can easily search through pre-approved posts by topic and with two simple clicks, deploy them to their social media accounts.

The new multiple-lexicons raises the bar for reporting, with feature enabling organizations to have the flexibility to support multiple departments reporting needs, both in content moderation and post-review of archived data. More than 25 master lexicons have been pre-designed and provided as well as the ability for customers' to create their own as needed.

This offers the versatility organizations need to fulfill the social media analysis, reporting and supervision needs of compliance, human resources and legal and marketing departments. Each department will also have the ability to duplicate, edit and/or disable their lexicons on demand. Active lexicons automatically route email reports based on the frequency selected (daily, weekly and monthly). Audit trails for when lexicons were created and/or modified are provided.

John M. Schobel, RegEd CEO, stated, "It is our priority to deliver the best social media archiving and surveillance solution for the financial services industry. Content is what drives success on social media and our new offering facilitates the delivery of pre-approved materials to ensure a successful social media program is within reach."

RegEd's Social Media and Communications Compliance solution includes Social Media Archiving and Surveillance from Arkovi, Emerald Connect's social media content and advisor websites, RegEd's Advertising Review module and RegEd's SCORE for Compliance enterprise platform with its Risk Analytics Suite that clients can use to actively track and evaluate all of their compliance efforts. Additionally, RegEd has newly updated continuing education courses on the regulatory rules and best practices for the use of Social Media.

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