Introducing the "Jack Madson" Series by Ron Felber

SUMMIT, N. J., Jan. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Barricade Books, headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, to Publish "JACK MADSON" SERIES by Ron Felber, Author of book that inspired THE MOB DOCTOR, Spring, 2013.

"Historically, we've done very little fiction and never a series, but the strength of writing and power of A MAN OF INDETERMINATE VALUE, Ron Felber's first "Jack Madson" crime thriller, as a story left us no choice but to say, 'Okay, let's go with this, it's too cutting edge to pass on!" says Carole Stuart, President of Barricade Books.

So, who is Jack Madson, the new series protagonist Barricade Books is so excited about? "John "Jack" Madson, ex-cop, disgraced Wall Street take-over artist and existential pilgrim is no saint," laughs Felber describing the main character of his forthcoming novel. "Educated, but not overly so, having dropped out of Georgetown University; tough, having worked as a Federal Marshall transporting the nation's most notorious hit men and terrorists; moral, but possessing a gritty realism about human nature and the world we live in, Madson (mad son) becomes a kind of everyman prowling the darkest corridors of the American dream."

Another reason for all of the commotion surrounding Felber's first title, A MAN OF INDETERMINATE VALUE is the relevance of the story to American society 2013 and its biting social commentary.

Wall Street take-over artist Jack Madson is by all
appearances a stanchion of suburban society. Yet,
beneath the surface another second life rages: a man
drowning in debt, trapped in a loveless marriage, and
compromised by the bio-tech secrets he has been
selling to the Chin Chou Triad based in Hong Kong.

With his two lives barreling inexorably toward
catastrophic collision, Madson decides to fake his
death in a boating accident, leave his wife and
daughter the $4.5 million in accidental death
insurance pay-outs, and head for the serene town
of Queretaro, Mexico to begin his life over.

What Madson could never have foreseen is the
plunge into the lurid world of international espionage,
blackmail, and murder his life would take during a
non-stop roller-coaster ride through the darkest
corridors of the American dream.

"So many writers have furrowed the field of crime fiction in so many ways that readers will delight in discovering a superior writer on an authentically new trail," explains literary agent Doug Corcoran of the Corcoran and Powers Agency. Corcoran went on to say that the series has already stirred interest from film and television production companies.

For more information about Ron Felber or the "Jack Madson" series please contact Doug Corcoran at or call at 908-723-1316

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