Skip Baggage Claim: United Debuts Same-Day Bag Delivery Service


United Airlines has launched a same-day baggage delivery service allowing travelers at some U.S. airports to bypass baggage claim and have their checked luggage delivered to a home, office or hotel — for a fee. (Read more: Add-On Airline Fees: Good or Bad? )

United partnered with Bags VIP to offer the service to passengers arriving in Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles and Orlando. United plans to expand the bag delivery service to more than 190 domestic airports in the coming months. The partnership was announced Friday.

Rates for bag delivery within a 40-mile radius of the arrival airport are $29.95 for one bag, $39.95 for two bags or $49.95 for three to eight bags. Delivery is available up to a 100-mile radius for an additional fee of $1 per mile between 41-100 miles. The prices are in addition to any applicable checked bag fees, which start at $25 for the first bag.

After making a flight reservation, United passengers can book the service directly with Bags VIP either online or by calling 1-877-847-0045. At the airport, the bag tags will have a special indicator printed on them to help Bags VIP representatives correctly identify luggage and get bags to its final delivery destination.

You will receive your baggage within four hours after your flight's arrival if your destination is located within 40 miles from the airport. If your destination is located between 41 and 100 miles from the airport, you'll receive your baggage within six hours after the arrival of your flight.

"United's new baggage delivery service offers an alternative for travelers who prefer the convenience of having their checked bags delivered directly to their homes, offices or hotels," said Tom O'Toole, United's senior vice president of marketing and loyalty, in a press release.

American Airlines last year began a similar service at more than 200 U.S. airports. (Read more: American Debuts Same-Day Baggage Delivery Service)

Road warriors could find this service valuable if they have meetings or events to attend before reaching their final destination and don't want to lug around bags in the meantime. I generally don't check bags, when flying domestically, and when I do, I'd rather claim them immediately and be on my way. Would you use this service?