Communications Coach and Bestselling Author, Carmine Gallo Announces the Launch of the Carmine Gallo Academy

PLEASANTON, Calif., Jan. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Communications Coach Carmine Gallo brings his popular in-person trainings to the eLearning space with the launch of the Carmine Gallo Academy. The partnership between Gallo Communications Group and bay area based eVision-Design, Inc., brings Carmine's tangible and dynamic content together with the latest advances in eLearning, providing users with an effective, media-rich experience.

eLearning is more than a buzz word, over the past two decades, the industry has rapidly taken on traditional forms of training as a way to get information out quickly and inexpensively. Not all eLearning options are successful due to one main reason… the content. As an author of six business communications books and a popular contributor for, Carmine's content is current, tangible and useful to his readers around the globe.

Carmine Gallo: Your Online Communications Coach

The academy's first course titled, The New Rules of Persuasive Presentations: Sell Your Ideas the Steve Jobs Way, is based on Carmine's Wall Street Journal bestselling book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. The course outlines the tangible techniques Steve Jobs used in his presentations, making him the most extraordinary corporate spokesperson in the business world.

Carmine's years spent as a broadcast journalist along with his role as a media trainer and executive coach for some of the world's most admired brands such as Chevron, Coca-Cola, Intel and Pfizer, bring a level of engagement rarely seen in the eLearning community. Carmine is an internationally acclaimed expert in the field of communications often cited as a thought leader along with Guy Kawasaki, Nancy Duarte, Garr Reynolds and Chip and Dan Heath. He is a sought after keynote speaker around the world and has spoken at several prestigious universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, Penn State, and UCLA. In this new eLearning course, users will learn directly from Carmine how Steve Jobs and other highly successful business leaders effectively tell their brand stories with passion, clarity and focus.

In three distinct modules covering how to create a presentation that is Understandable, Memorable and Emotional, the course offers insights and real world examples on what it takes to design and deliver a world class presentation. During the six-month registration period, users learn the principles and apply them in the interactive exercises included in the course. Users also keep a downloadable workbook as a takeaway that helps reinforce what is learned in the course long after the course registration has expired.

This first Carmine Gallo Academy course is also available for corporations on a monthly or yearly contract. Companies can offer this program to their executives, managers and employees who are eager to reimagine their stale presentations.

When recently asked why he started this new venture, Carmine replied,

"As a communications firm, we get calls weekly from professionals who want our training for themselves or their employees so they can evolve into better communicators and presenters. We know our principles work and they have proven to be so effective that many of our clients report an immediate impact on sales upon adopting them. We are gratified to hear time and time again how we have helped companies communicate more effectively both internally and externally. We cannot reach everyone, and in-person workshops are cost prohibitive for many companies and small businesses. I'm excited about the Carmine Gallo Academy because it is a way to instantly bring our content to anyone, anywhere, anytime."

"I truly enjoyed learning new and improved ideas to help make my executive presentations that much more professional with a punch. It was as if Carmine and I had a few hours to converse via my PC."

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Carmine Gallo is a bestselling author, communications coach and keynote speaker. He is a contributor for where he writes about leadership and communications under the byline "Your Communications Coach". The Carmine Gallo Academy is an eLearning company based in the San Francisco bay area that provides eLearning courses to individuals and corporations looking to improve their communications and presentation skills. The company is a partnership between Gallo Communications Group and eVision-Design. Gallo Communications offers executive coaching, media training, communications workshops and keynotes. eVision-Design is an award winning Bay Area eLearning content design and development firm that focuses on multimedia and eLearning development.

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