Cape City Command Announces Launch of Latency Evaluator

WILMINGTON, N.C. and CHICAGO, Jan. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cape City Command has announced the launch of the CC-7070 Latency Evaluator. Jim Cooke, Vice President, Engineering, said: "When it comes to managing trading session latency many firms are not aware of the ever changing session variances at the micro-second level, and the advantage to be gained if that data could be captured and leveraged in real-time to route trades to only the fastest sessions. Our analysis of client trading shows that a significant improvement in execution quality is possible if appropriate action is taken at trade-routing time, and the 7070 Latency Evaluator provides a key first step in that process.

By building a real-time latency profile of all sessions configured for a trading strategy and then putting a value on the 'what-if' scenarios; that is, had only the fastest sessions been utilized, the Latency Evaluator can quickly establish the achievable benefits of using enhanced, real-time routing management for electronic trading."

The Latency Evaluator device makes it easy to get started. Once configured into your trading environment, using a span or tap connection, the real-time scenario analysis allows you to quickly gauge the benefits of using the recommended alternative routing. The what-if scenario numbers are compared to the actual latency experienced and also displayed as a percentage improvement over the existing methodologies, be they round-robin or some smarter routing algorithms.

Once satisfied that the opportunities exist and can be exploited, the 7070 can then be field-upgraded to a 7090 to take advantage of this rich new recommendation signal. The 7090 Trade Xccelerator uses the same real-time, what-if analysis, but now delivers the recommendations on the fastest ports directly to the trading application via our API. Typically, ~95% of the projected benefits established by the Latency Evaluator can then be captured as lower latency and higher throughput by the trading application.

Tony Pettipiece, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, added: "There is much talk about latency management but few are equipped to analyze and react to it in real-time at the application level. Even the best built, best monitored infrastructures suffer latency delays and variances beyond their control, and session latency fluctuates widely in real-time. Early feedback has shown the Latency Evaluator to be a real eye-opener in this area, as it highlights the lost opportunities with doing business as usual, while providing demonstrable recommendations on where improvements can be made."

Developed in response to user's requests for better insight into what they might be missing, the 7070 satisfies different group's demands. The Latency Evaluator has proven attractive to many in the community as no application integration is required to get started, you simply install the hardware device in your infrastructure, define the sessions of interest, and the latency profile is instantly captured and displayed on the Management Console.

The administrators like it as there is no programming required to install, no learning curve, and the data immediately highlights issues and opportunities that they cannot detect with existing tools. The trading and algo development teams value the what-if analysis as it allows them to quickly make a call on the potential benefits before moving forward with integration.

The 7070 Latency Evaluator is offered as a free service to all eligible firms. With just a short period of analysis, the benefits and justification of the integration of this powerful new signal into the trading application become obvious.

If a user chooses to field-upgrade from the 7070 to a 7090 Trade Xccelerator, Cape City will provide resources to help speed that integration. Users deploying the 7090 Trade Xccelerator still have access to all the benefits of the 7070 latency analysis as part of the enhanced platform. Should a user choose to keep the Latency Evaluator for on-going analysis only, it can be purchased or leased for such purpose.

About Cape City Command: Cape City Command produces purpose-built appliances for electronic trading. Unlike traditional passive monitors and network tools, our focus is on devices that continuously and automatically enable automatic actions that seize opportunities and avoid problems. The 7070 Latency Evaluator device builds a profile of existing latency and suggests where it can be improved as a first phase. The 7090 Trade Xccelerator empowers your trading application to take advantage of those recommendations in real-time.

CONTACT: Tony Pettipiece, 910 799-9770 For more information please visit www.capecitycommand.comSource:Cape City Command