Facebook Search Run by Former Google Employees

Tom Stocky,  Lars Rasmussen and Mark Zuckerberg introduces Graph Search.
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Tom Stocky, Lars Rasmussen and Mark Zuckerberg introduces Graph Search.

Former Google employees played a big part in making Facebook's new search feature a reality.

Facebook introduced its search tool called Graph Search Tuesday and it turns out the brains behind the operation were employed by the king of search not that long ago.

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Lars Rasmussen is an ex-Google employee who worked on Google Maps. Now, his allegiance lies with Facebook where he works as the director of engineering for search.

Rasmussen works alongside with Tom Stocky, another former Google employee, who is now Facebook's director of product management for search.

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Both Rasmussen and Stocky helped CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveil Graph Search at Facebook's press event on Tuesday. They demonstrated how Facebook's search tool could be used to perform searches and emphasized how the social network's search feature is different from Google's web search.

In a company post, the two stressed that one of the biggest differences between Graph Search and web search is that "...that every piece of content on Facebook has its own audience, and most content isn't public." They highlighted the parameters of Graph Search as being limited to the Facebook platform and emphasized that privacy was a priority.

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While Rasmussen and Stocky both played up the differences between Graph Search and web search, Facebook's search tool still spurred speculation that the social network plans to take on Google at some point.

Zuckerberg was asked at the press event if he would, in fact, ever consider working with Google in his company's search endeavors, he said (perhaps with tongue-in-cheek) that he would love to work with the search giant.