Top Total-Return Stocks: Marcin

In the hunt for total return this year, Barbara Marcin of GAMCO Investors revealed her top stock picks.

A strong cash component and healthy dividends led Marcin, GAMCO's Gabelli Dividend Growth Fund portfolio manager, toward five stocks:

  • JPMorgan
  • BlackRock
  • International Paper
  • Diaego
  • Pfizer

Amid a broader stock market with "mediocre valuation," Marcin explained on CNBC's "Fast Money" that she liked a company such as International Paper for its sale of underperforming assets, reinvesting the cash in a mix of dividends and acquisitions and issue a 3 percent dividend yield – with a stock price at 11 times earnings.

"I'm really looking for total return, and so really that's directed me toward stocks that can grow their earnings and cash longer-term but that also pay a good current return," she said.

"I think they're all good total return for the next couple of years — as we wait out the 'fiscal cliff' issues and the negotiations."