Get a Fake Facebook Girlfriend for $20


Just because you are lonely in real life doesn't mean you have to be lonely in your virtual life anymore.

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A Brazilian company called will create a fake Facebook girlfriend for you for $20.

How does it work?

Well, the company hires "profiles of women" on the Facebook platform to link to their clients' profile -- in order to make it appear as if their client is in a relationship with the woman. According to the website, the women get a 50 percent cut of the pay.

Customers get to keep their faux girlfriend's profile linked to their profile for seven days. They also get 10 comments on their timeline from the woman's profile.

CNBC reached out to Facebook for comment about's service, but it did not immediately respond.

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Wondering why someone would want to buy a temporary fictional girlfriend profile for their Facebook profile?

Well, besides desperation, it might come in handy to make an ex jealous. But users beware, fake girlfriends have also been known to backfire. Just ask Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.

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