CollegeWeekLive Announces New Memberships and Enhanced Services for College Admissions and Enrollment Marketing , The Leading Channel Where Students and Colleges Meet Online,
Makes International Student Recruitment Easier and More Efficient

NEEDHAM, Mass., Jan. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CollegeWeekLive(TM), the live channel where students and colleges meet live online, today announced new memberships and expanded services. These include a new membership to support the recruitment of international students, turnkey premium marketing campaigns, and concierge services -- designed to make it easier for colleges to expand reach and improve overall application and yield rates.

Increasingly, U.S. colleges are looking to distant shores for prospective freshman. Ten years ago, the number of international students attending colleges in the United States was 419,585, but today that number has nearly doubled to 764,495[1]. The most cost-effective way for higher education institutions to reach international students is online. Students too, have travel and cost considerations. "Living in a foreign country, I cannot travel to visit colleges and it is expensive to contact schools by phone," said Lisette, a student from The Netherlands.

With the CollegeWeekLive International Membership, a university is now able to virtually meet prospective students at six of the largest international college fairs in the world. Students from 192 countries attended CollegeWeekLive virtual events last year, including a program hosted in partnership with the U.S. State Department that was attended by more than 13,000 students. The CollegeWeekLive International Membership enables a college to leverage unlimited chat sessions to connect instantly with international students as inquiries come in. Lastly, the service makes it possible for a college to target CollegeWeekLive registrants based on country, geographic region, or academic interest.

CollegeWeekLive Premium Campaigns enable enrollment marketers to engage students at critical decision points - research, application, and enrollment. CollegeWeekLive Premium Campaigns can be designed to address an admissions department's specific objectives, such as increasing reach to more students, converting list buys to inquiries, increasing conversions to application, or improving yield, and because the campaigns are turnkey, there is no drain to a college's ongoing marketing operations.

To help colleges elevate their enrollment marketing to the next level, CollegeWeekLive offers the CollegeWeekLive Concierge Service. The service includes strategy sessions with a dedicated client service representative to help the college execute the most effective strategy for reaching students through CollegeWeekLive. The service also includes access to custom marketing campaigns and targeted high school outreach at no additional cost.

"There are so many demands on students' time," said Michael Truschke, Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management at Pepperdine University. "The caliber of student we're seeking might not be able to get out of their AP class to come to meet the admissions representative visiting their high school. We need to reach out and meet students in convenient online channels where they're most comfortable." Through live video chats, Pepperdine University was able to meet 3,000 students online, and of the students accepted, 40% enrolled. The school's yield rate, through its online activities with CollegeWeekLive, were 43% higher than their overall average.

If you are interested in expanding reach, increasing applications, or improving yield for your college, contact 800.828.8222 or email Colleges(at)CollegeWeekLive(dot)com. For more information, visit


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[1] Institute of International Education. (2012). "International Student Enrollment Trends, 1949/50-2011/12.

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