Facebook Messenger App Now Lets You Make Calls

Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg | Getty Images

There may be no Facebook phone yet, but the social network has rolled out a new feature that lets iPhone users make calls using the Facebook Messenger app.

The tech giant updated its Messenger app this week to allow iPhone users to place calls over a WiFi network. A user simply taps the "i" info icon next to a contacts name and then "Free Call." The feature only works if the contact has shared their mobile number with Facebook and is available to take a call.

Facebook released its Messenger app for Apple's iPhone last fall, showing the company was serious about ramping up its reach into messaging and applications.

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Before Facebook's press event on Tuesday, it was widely speculated the company would announce its own smartphone or some sort of mobile-focused application. But Facebook went another route and unveiled Graph Search.

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Graph Search is a feature that allows Facebook users to search for information that their friends have already shared with them. It is not a global search service like Google, rather it searches only information shared on Facebook's social graph that has not been made private.

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