America Agrees with Larry! Debt and Spending are Priority 1

U.S. debt
Darren Mower | Vetta | Getty Images

Our newspapers and TV screens may be filled with news about gun control, airplanes and football players with fake girlfriends.

But the top issue for the biggest number of American voters is also the #1 issue for The Kudlow Report: Government Spending.

That's according to a new poll from The Hill that will be released Friday morning. 39% said they wanted President Obama to focus on fixing government spending and debt. That was compared to 38% who said they want him to focus on the economy and just 8% who want him to do something about gun violence.

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But there's a disconnect between those voters and the White House. In fact, President Obama said at a news conference earlier this week that we need to keep government spending going if we want to grow the economy.

Of course when the President talks about spending, he says "investment" instead. He's rarely caught off-guard enough to say the "s word."

But many economists believe that rampant government spending is actually strangling the economy and it stands as a serious roadblock to real growth.

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Think about it, government spending takes resources of all kinds from the private sector. When the government spends heavily to drive up the costs of everything from health care to real estate, businesses and consumers alike are faced with the higher overall costs. Struggling businesses die and people like you and me spend more on essentials like food and gas.

And the poll in The Hill proves you don't need an economics degree or a Nobel Prize to figure that out. The American people know the debt is toxic and must be reined in.

It's time for the Republicans and Obama team to start listening to the public, rise above, and start cutting.

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