MicroEdge Announces GIFTS Online 4.0--Significant Update to Leading Cloud-Based Grantmaking System

New York, Jan. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroEdge, LLC, the leading provider of solutions to the giving community worldwide, today announced the release of GIFTS Online 4.0, the newest version of GIFTS Online--MicroEdge's cloud-based grantmaking system. With this update MicroEdge has increased the overall speed and performance of the GIFTS Online system, provided greater administrative controls, and significantly enhanced the system's digital dashboards and searching capabilities. This release continues to expand the accessibility of GIFTS Online, as its easy-to-use, intuitive interface consistently meets the needs of smaller organizations, while its power and flexibility result in a highly scalable system that increasingly attracts larger organizations with more complex giving processes.

GIFTS Online already features the most robust and powerful reporting and search capabilities available in a hosted grantmaking solution. However, this latest release takes it to a new level by delivering enhancements that make it easier for everyone within a giving organization to minimize the time spent on routine grants administration. Previous versions of GIFTS Online allowed each user to have their own custom dashboard--a visual summary page filled with charts, graphs and reports that provide the information a user needs at a glance. With this release, GIFTS Online supports the ability to have multiple personalized dashboards and access them in more versatile and flexible ways, making it even easier to organize and view information. This is particularly helpful because executive directors, grants managers, program officers and other users all need to view different information on a daily basis; now each user can more dynamically utilize a variety of different personalized dashboards in order to quickly give them the information that is most relevant, organized the way they need to see it.

A variety of other improvements to GIFTS Online 4.0 enable staff members to collaborate better. New dashboard sharing capabilities allow administrators to significantly reduce the time spent fulfilling information requests from executives and other stakeholders. Additionally, the GIFTS Online search engine has been rebuilt on new platform technology, resulting in much faster performance. A number of enhancements have also been made to the system's search capabilities, such as the ability to "pin" searches, producing significant efficiency gains by enabling users to step away from an existing search to do other work within the system, and then easily jump back to where they left off.

"We previously used GIFTS, but moved to GIFTS Online in July 2012," says Gloria Puckett of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. "We've been very pleased with our decision to make the transition, because this web-based system has enabled our staff to work more dynamically and with more flexibility, since they can access the system anytime, from anywhere. We're quite excited about the release of GIFTS Online 4.0 and all the new features it will bring. The increased speed and stability, along with the addition of multiple dashboards, will enhance our ability to process our day-to-day work more efficiently. Plus, the GIFTS Online team at MicroEdge is always very helpful and knowledgeable--when problems arise or deadlines have to be met they go the extra mile to assist us--so we're eager for this new version and are confident that we'll receive the support we need to be successful using it."

"Advancing the GIFTS Online system is one of our top priorities," says MicroEdge CEO, Preston McKenzie. "Hundreds of organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity are currently using GIFTS Online to manage their philanthropic programs and solve some of the world's toughest social, environmental and economic problems. MicroEdge continues to invest in moving the GIFTS Online platform forward, and the latest release is a prime example of how we are working to make the system effectively address the needs of these diverse organizations and users. This is just one more step in the ongoing evolution of GIFTS Online, as we continue to advance this easy-to-use, powerful solution in order to support any organization large or small that wishes to move to an online system."

Availability and Information

GIFTS Online is available now. To learn more about options for obtaining GIFTS Online, contact a local area MicroEdge account representative directly; view a directory listing of account representatives. Or attend an upcoming webinar to see this robust grants management solution in action; view upcoming webinars.

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