ANA Cancels 177 More Flights With Dreamliners Grounded

Bloomberg | Getty Images

All Nippon Airways said on Monday it canceled 151 domestic and 26 international flights scheduled for January 23-28 after Boeing's 787 Dreamliner passenger plane was grounded, affecting more than 21,000 passengers.

The cancellations add to the 72 flights scheduled for January 19-22 that ANA called off last week.

ANA, which flies the most Dreamliners of any airline, said in a statement it will announce on Thursday its plans on flight cancellations for dates from January 29.

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Rival Japan Airlines said on Monday it will cancel four flights on its Tokyo-San Diego route for January 27-28, adding to the 8 flights originally scheduled for January 19-25 on the same route it called off last week.

Any schedule changes for flights slated for January 26 have yet to be decided, JAL added in a statement.

U.S. and Japanese aviation safety officials investigating the Dreamliner's recent battery-related incidents on Monday visited the Kyoto headquarters of GS Yuasa, the firm that makes batteries for the 787, seeking clues into why one of the planes made an emergency landing last week.

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