Mr. Ticket, Traffic Ticket Attorney, Offers Legal Help with Hit and Run Charges

Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amir Soleimanian, also known "Mr. Ticket," is a traffic ticket lawyer that provides legal counsel for those charged with a hit and run. This offense is defined under California Vehicle Code 20002 VC as leaving the scene of an accident without providing identification or contact information to the other party in the case of an accident in which injury or property damage occurred. Convictions for this offense in California carry heavy fines and can also come with jail sentences.

These charges necessitate a court appearance at the county courthouse in the county where the offense occurred. Appearing in court without a hit and run attorney can be a costly mistake. Many judges are more likely to hand down harsher fines and penalties to defendants who are unrepresented. Mr. Ticket helps defend his clients in court. He often secures lower fines and penalties for his clients, and in some cases, he has been successful in getting the case dismissed.

In addition to this type of violation, Mr. Ticket, red light ticket attorney, helps defend clients against violations for speeding, running red lights, illegal U-turns, parking violations, DWI and DUI charges, and many other violations. Whether the violation is a moving violation or a non-moving violation, or whether it carries misdemeanor charges, felony charges, or no criminal charges, Mr. Ticket can help.

Amir Soleimanian, failure to appear warrant lawyer, has helped hundreds of California drivers with a variety of traffic citations and criminal charges that resulted from traffic violations. In addition to his law degree, Mr. Ticket has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. He understands the automobile and how accidents occur in a more in-depth manner than most attorneys in California, and is well prepared to defend clients in court.

Do not take the risk of appearing in court unrepresented. Mr. Ticket offers a free traffic ticket consultation to those who have received a citation. Mr. Ticket will review the case and explain how he can help.

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