4 People Reported Wounded in Texas College Shooting

Source: Wikipedia

Gunfire erupted on a Texas college Tuesday afternoon, wounding four people. One person was taken into custody and a second gunman was being sought, a U.S. official told The Associated Press.

Police cars swarmed the North Harris campus of Lone Star College. The campus went into lockdown, said Jed Young, spokesman for the college.

Aerial footage from local television stations showed police cars and ambulances parked on the campus, emergency personnel attending people on stretchers and at least person being put into an ambulance. Other people could be seen running from a building led by officers.

Four people were taken to hospitals for gunshot wounds, including one person who was critically injured, Mark Smith of the Harris County Emergency Corps told MSNBC.

Melinda Muse, spokeswoman for the Harris County Health System, said two people were taken to Harris Health Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Center following the shooting.

Cody Harris, 20, he said he was in a classroom with about six or seven other students waiting for a psychology class to start when he heard eight shots. He and other students looked at each other, said "I guess we should get out of here," and fled.

"I was just worried about getting out," Harris said. "I called my grandmother and asked her to pick me up."

Daniel Flores, 19, said he was in a tutoring lab on the second floor doing homework when he heard what he heard six to seven shots.

"I didn't think they were shots," he said. "It sounded like someone was kicking a door."

About 60 people were in the lab, and they began running out of the room once they realized the sound was gunfire, he said. They fled to a nearby student services center, where authorities kept them there for about 30 minutes before letting them go.

The Lone Star College System has an enrollment of 90,000 students and six college campuses, according to its website. Its North Harris campus is about 20 miles north of downtown Houston.