Sandboxr Set to Deliver 3D Printing App for the Everyman in Less Than 9 Days

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If you haven't heard there's a new kid on the 3D printing block. Sandboxr stands poised to make a large dent in the 3D printing arena with their cutting edge software and ambitious plans to change the way consumers interact with video games, animation and comic characters worldwide. The online app provides a powerful 3D manipulation interface, designed to allow anyone of any age to have a truly customized product experience. It is the ultimate playground for artists, video game companies and end users alike and bridges the existing divide between the accessibility of 3D printing to the everyman.

The Utah startup is set to launch their 3D printing software to invited beta users, available online via Sandboxr is made up of a small group of talented and dedicated designers, programmers and business professionals, headed by Berkley Frei, CEO/Founder, TJ Young COO/Co-Founder and Nick Schulz CTO.

Founder Berkley Frei, originally thought of the Sandboxr concept over three years ago after seeing his first 3D printed character. "It blew my mind, as a 3D artist I knew that I had to have one of those machines - the possibility of making my digital work into real physical objects was too incredible to ignore. Unfortunately, I discovered that these printers were extremely expensive so I then started thinking of ways I could make one pay for itself. It wasn't long before the early concept of Sandboxr formed - I could see a way to make a platform for custom creation." reflects Berkley.

Berk soon realized companies had already made headways within the 3D printing world, creating software that allowed users to print designs with basic color and texture changes, but were too limited in content and customization. Berk wanted a more meaningful custom experience, as a 3D artist he could see the untapped possibilities of making software available where the end user had control over facial expressions and movement from a vast library of crowd-sourced content from 3D artists around the world.

After a three year lead up, researching and working with numerous programmers to make the software possible, Sandboxr is finally ready to launch their much anticipated proprietary software. "The process hasn't been easy, but it has been exciting..." says CTO Nick Schulz, "...the technology in this industry is changing on a daily basis, but there is still virtually no way for the everyman to tap into it. Sandboxr is changing that. We are ecstatic that we have been able to harness these technologies in a meaningful way while staying focussed on providing a simple and fun experience for our users."

Sandboxr has already captivated the imagination of top developers and publishers in the video game industry, who are biting at the bit to see the Sandboxr experience come to fruition.

Rebecca Lee
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Sandboxr is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, led by Founder and CEO, Berkley Frei. Sandboxr is an app experience and online community that allows consumers of all ages to quickly access vast amounts of 3D content and use an intuitive interface to mix, morph and style characters and objects. The interface is also a giant win for gaming developers, publishers and custom toy designers. The merchandising platform will change the face of user interactions and connections to popular characters found in the gaming, animation, comic and art world.

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