Dollar Lifts, Aussie Falls, Yen Slumps


British GDP fell in the fourth quarter, and the British pound fell to its weakest level against the euro in 13 months. [CNBC]

Despite euro strength, the dollar index posted its biggest gain in seven months on weakness in the yen and Australian dollar. []

The euro hit an 11-month high against the dollar and a 21-month high against the yen on signs of an economic upturn in Germany and other positive euro zone signs. [CNBC]

Banks will repay 137 billion euros in three-year crisis loans to the European Central Bank. [CNBC]

Japan rejected suggestions from German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the country may be deliberately trying to weaken the yen, even as it hit a 2 1/2 year low. [WSJ]

The euro rose against the Australian dollar in a gradual reversal of investor bets that Australia's economy will remain strong while Europe struggles. []

With the won rising rapidly as the yen weakens, the Bank of Korea governor warned countries trying to weaken their currencies can not succeed in the long run. [CNBC]

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