Inolife Technologies Announces Moving Forward Strategies Are to Develop a Formidable Operation as a Life Sciences Company in Multiple Market Verticals

RALEIGH, N.C., Jan. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inolife Technologies, Inc. ("Inolife") (OTCQB:INOLD), an emerging life sciences company announces its strategies to effectively move forward with its plans to develop a formidable operation in multiple market verticals.

Historically, Inolife's mission has been to identify and develop meaningful healthcare products for consumers exclusively. Today, Inolife is embarking on strategies to deploy several products to the market that will service a wide variety of consumer and commercial/industrial needs. "We are immediately creating three distinct operating units within Inolife," states Gary Berthold, President & CEO of Inolife. Berthold goes on to say that, "In today's market, we are interested in having the Company specialize in bringing to market a great variety of consumer- and commercial-centric products, which are natural and health-safe technologies that excel in performance, and cater to the market's desires of improving health-friendly and environmental stewardship."

The Company is immediately creating three operating units to address these following distinct touch points: (1) Health & Wellness – This strategic unit will house products to include nutracueticals and natural & organic food products. Several products for the growing population of pets in today's society will also be housed within this unit. (2) Anti-Aging – The historic core product of Inolife, a patented high-performance technology, will be in this unit, along with additional products oriented toward the growing consumer needs and desires to reduce the effects of aging. The Company will expand its offering of nutracueticals, natural topical ointments and salves to cater to the increasing aging population. (3) Life Sciences – This business unit will focus on the development and introduction of natural, organic, dynamic chemistry and nanotechnology formulations. Key products within this unit will include proprietary bio-remediation product line, as well as several highly advanced eco-safe industrial and consumer chemical formulations that cater to the ever-present "green initiatives" in society today. In doing so, the Company will integrate via acquisition and licensing agreements a wide array of products to service these consumer and commercial interests.

Berthold also said, "I am delighted and excited to bring a highly defined strategy to fruition within Inolife. The Company will begin announcing licensing agreements, acquisitions, private label agreements, and product introductions imminently."

About Inolife Technologies, Inc.

Inolife Technologies' mission is to aggressively identify, manufacture and market innovative and affordable healthcare products and services directly to the marketplace. InoLife Technologies, Inc. markets the commercial use of proprietary Intellectual Property by manufacturing, brand marketing and selling an integrated program of age reversing creams and lotions.

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