Kristen Friend Named First Non-Founding Partner with Adviatech Corp.

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San Francisco, CA, Jan. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- What started as a search engine marketing company in 2004 (later incorporated January 13, 2005) has developed into an organization with an eye for niche services. Over the last eight years, Adviatech has formed multiple brands and holdings which allowed the company to maintain a favorable position even as the U.S. economy experienced a crippling recession a few years ago.

Adviatech's brands include law firm marketing service, SEO | Law Firm™, legal news distributor, Law Firm Newswire™, monthly lawyer magazine, Bigger Law Firm™ (BLF Magazine), and insurance marketing service, Ready to Quote™. Kristen Friend has made an impact on Adviatech's holdings since day one.

In 2008, Friend was contracted by Adviatech to help improve their law firm marketing services, specifically the development of their attorney focused design services. Less than a year later, she became a full time employee as Adviatech's Art Director working out of their office in Tampa, Florida.

In 2009, she turned SEO | Law Firm's design services into a recognizable force in the legal marketing industry. Her ability to foretell design trends and stanch refusal to allow any two websites to appear to have the same designer resulted in Adviatech seeing an 80% increase in web design revenue for that tax year.

Following the success of her work with Adviatech's legal services, she managed the design and development of large projects for Ready to Quote, Adviatech's marketing arm for insurance companies.

In 2010, as Adviatech experienced a delayed pullback from the recession, the company took a risk by increasing their spending and focusing employee resources on the development of new marketable products and services. In that year, they created half a dozen new services, including their semi-custom website solution (now accounting for half of all lawyer websites built by SEO | Law Firm) and attorney news distribution service, Law Firm Newswire.

Adviatech co-founder, Jason Bland, remembers working with Friend on the expansion projects. "We had a very ambitious schedule in 2010 and were making a bet that spending more while revenue was flat would strengthen us on the other side of the recession. So, these things had to work!" Bland continues, "Kristen worked night and day. She took Law Firm Newswire and made it her own. The brand, style, the entire look and feel of Law Firm Newswire is credited to Kristen. That was supposed to be a sideline service that we would offer to clients but she went so far beyond our expectations that Law Firm Newswire immediately attracted hundreds of users and thousands of readers."

Law Firm Newswire became profitable just three months after launching and continues to be one of Adviatech's fastest growing holdings.

In 2011, Friend created the layout and design for Adviatech's monthly print publication, the Bigger Law Firm magazine. A year later, Bigger Law Firm released a digital subscription option making the magazine available not only in print but in high resolution PDF and available on AmazonKindle.

In 2012, Adviatech moved their headquarters to a larger office in Tampa, FL and then opened a small office in San Francisco, CA. Friend relocated to San Francisco to help establish the company in the Bay Area. She also designed the brand and user interface for a lawyer application being released in the Spring of 2013.

Christopher Kazor, another Adviatech co-founder said, "When you have someone who is talented and working as hard if not harder than the owners, you have to keep them on board. Kristen has been developing the face of Adviatech for over four years and I am looking forward to working with her on a strategic level."

As part of the promotion, Kristen Friend was given an upgraded benefits package and issued 750,000 shares of Adviatech Corporation stock.

Friend is a 1999 graduate of Indiana University, earning Bachelors Degrees in both journalism and religious studies. In 2003, she graduated from the International Academy of Design with an Associates Degree in graphic design.

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