Nutritional Counseling in Akron Helps Kick-Start New Year's Weight Loss

AKRON, Ohio, Jan. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Weight loss patients may benefit from nutritional counseling," says Akron chiropractor Dr. Randy Dunn. According to Dr. Dunn, nutritional counseling offers many important health benefits, including sustained weight loss. Dr. Dunn says that many patients have unique nutritional needs, such as an intolerance to certain ingredients or a nutrient deficiency. A detox diet helps to reset the metabolism and address these unique wellness needs, which supports long-term medical weight loss. The health center's nutritional services naturally complement chiropractic care and are part of a whole body approach to wellness care.

Natural Health Center of Akron is helping patients keep their New Year's resolutions for healthy eating habits. The center offers nutritional counseling services to help patients achieve optimal health and kick-start weight loss goals.

"Nutrition plays a key role in not only helping our patients lose weight, but also helping them overcome chronic health problems, illnesses and existing food intolerances," said Akron chiropractor Dr. Randy Dunn. "Nutrition gives the body the tools it needs to properly heal and build a strong immune system."

Dr. Dunn recommends that weight loss patients begin with a detox diet to remove toxins from the body. Toxins from the environment, processed foods, artificial flavors and additives accumulate in the body overtime, overwhelming the body's kidneys and other organs. According to Dr. Dunn, detoxing helps to flush these toxins out and prepare the body to lose weight.

"During the first visit, we will analyze a patient's current dietary habits," said Dr. Dunn. "Poor diet is based on more than simply excessive caloric intake. Processed foods, additives, added sugars, sodium and artificial flavors are detrimental to the body, increasing the risk for chronic illness."

A diet rich in whole foods – including fruits, vegetables and lean proteins – supports long-term medical weight loss. This diet can also help reduce recurring headaches and improve mental function.

"I frequently tell patients to shop the outside of the supermarket, meaning the perimeter where the produce section and fresher foods are found." said Dr. Dunn. "By avoiding processed foods, patients not only cut out extra calories, but they enjoy greater energy throughout the day. This is part of our commitment to whole body health. We don't want our patients to simply lose weight; we want them to be as healthy as possible."

Dietary changes can also make a difference for chronic pain management and injury rehabilitation. Dr. Dunn frequently recommends nutritional counseling as a complement to existing chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture treatments. For example, dietary changes may help patients better manage symptoms related to autoimmune diseases and chronic pain.

"A diet high in antioxidants naturally reduces inflammation," said Dr. Dunn. "Inflammation is a key trigger for chronic pain. Reducing inflammation treats chronic pain at the source, rather than covering it up with medication."

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