Professional Boarding in Canton Offers Safe, Secure Option for Pets

CANTON, Ga., Jan. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For pet owners who are traveling for work or vacation, professional pet boarding may be the best option to keep pets safe and secure. According to the veterinary care team at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA, pet boarding offers a number of important benefits. Pet owners can enjoy their trip with peace of mind knowing that their pets are well cared for in the event of any emergency. A veterinarian is always steps away to provide life-saving care, and with immediate access to a pet's health files, the animal hospital can make important, life-saving decisions. Additionally, pets can relax in comfortable surroundings and benefit from pet services, including grooming, while boarded at an animal hospital.

The animal hospital in Canton, Acres Mill, is educating pet owners about the benefits of professional boarding and pet services.

"Boarding pets with our animal hospital is a good choice for pets when an owner is traveling for vacation or work," said Dr. Michael Good, DVM. "Taking pets on a long road trip or plane ride can be incredibly stressful for animals. Leaving pets home alone or under the care of a neighbor is also less than ideal. The best option is to place pets under experienced care."

With busy schedules, neighbors may have little time to check on a pet, which means that the pet is alone for hours on end. For pets that are used to constant attention and companionship, this change can be stressful, disorienting and confusing.

"Being gone for a long weekend is very different from being gone during the work day," said Dr. Good. "Pets thrive off companionship and may act out when left alone, destroying furniture or attempting to escape."

Worse, Dr. Good noted, in the event of a health emergency, hours may pass before pets receive care. "A veterinary health emergency can strike at any time," said Dr. Good. "Even if a neighbor checks in once a day, this means that it could be 12 to 15 hours before a pet receives medical attention. For some emergencies, this could be too little, too late."

Although the clinic is not open 24 hours a day, a veterinarian is available for diagnosis and treatment during regular business hours to address any health conditions that should arise. Dr. Good also noted that a veterinary hospital would have a pet's health records on file and be familiar with the pet's vet care history, which improves the level of care available.

Dr. Good, who was named the HMSA veterinarian of the year, is the founder of the non-profit Homeless Pets Foundation. Together with his fellow veterinarians at Acres Mill, Dr. Good provides wellness care, pet surgery, and other pet services.

Pet owners may learn more about the benefits of professional boarding and other services on the veterinary clinic's website,

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