Dr. Markzar, Beverly Hills Dental Implants Dentist, Uses I-CAT Technology to Create Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Dr. Markzar

Beverly Hills, CA, Jan. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Sam Markzar, Beverly Hills periodontist, creates accurate and detailed treatment plans with the help of I-CAT imaging technology. This technology reduces the treatment time and virtually eliminates the possibility of errors during treatment.

I-CAT 3-D imaging technology produces highly detailed and precise images of the teeth, jaw, and soft tissues. These images allow Dr. Markzar to prepare precise treatment plans with a much smaller margin of error than with traditional imaging programs, such as conventional 2-D dental x-rays and panographs. The image can be adjusted to show a single tooth or even the entire jaw line, reducing the need to take multiple images. This saves time and money for the patient. In addition, I-CAT Cone Beam imaging produces less radiation than older generation CT Scan, making the imaging process safer for the patient.

I-CAT imaging technology is useful for the planning many periodontal treatments. The images produced by cone beam technology allow Dr. Markzar, Beverly Hills dental implants dentist, to plan the placement of dental implants right down to the exact location and angle. This reduces the treatment time for the patient and improves the accuracy and success rate of the procedure. I-CAT imaging technology is also useful for planning the placement of bone and/or gum grafts.

Dr. Markzar, Beverly Hills dental implants specialist, keeps his practice equipped with advanced surgical tools and technologies, allowing him to provide his patients with precise and safe treatments. In addition to I-CAT imaging technology, Beverly Hills Periodontal Arts and Implants also has Anatomage imaging software, Piezo Electrics instruments, 3D orthodontics planning, and many other tools and programs designed to make treatments safer and more successful.

About Dr. Markzar

Dr. Sam Markzar graduated from University of Southern California with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and Oral Medicine. He completed postgraduate work in Advanced Periodontology, Oral Implantology and Surgery, as well as courses for Master of Science in Craniofacial Biology.

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