Comverge Introduces Two-Way Energy Management Solutions That Dramatically Reduce the Cost of Demand Response Program Implementations

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DistribuTECH -- Comverge, Inc., the leading provider of Intelligent Energy Management solutions for Residential and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers, today announced the IntelliTEMP DirectLink™ smart thermostats and the IntelliPEAK DirectLink™ digital control units (DCUs). Designed to leverage cellular networks or the consumer's broadband connection and removing the need, expense and complexity of a gateway, the new devices make implementing demand response programs with two-way communications significantly more cost effective.

With the release of the DirectLink solutions, Comverge is driving down the cost of implementing two-way demand response programs. By leveraging broadband communications, the new thermostat and DCU provide utilities significant flexibility in deploying targeted and cost-effective demand response programs without requiring investment in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). For utilities with AMI deployed, the Comverge DirectLink solution enhances the value of the AMI investment by providing robust consumer engagement capabilities and enabling data analytics that better integrate demand response and whole-home metering data.

The DirectLink solution improves communications between utilities and their customers by providing near real-time feedback, near real-time presence and constant telemetry of all demand response devices. These "always on" features of the IP-based solution improve demand response cost effectiveness in many ways, including:

  • More precisely forecasting load drop available for a control event
  • Monitoring the actual performance of connected devices and load drop during an event and enabling real-time adjustments to the control strategy to achieve goals
  • Calculate measurement and verification results based on the entire set of demand response devices involved in the control event as compared to relying on post-event sampling techniques
  • Enabling deeper consumer engagement, including personalized "actionable tips" via enhanced analytics

"Our new DirectLink product suite makes robust demand-side management programs viable for all utilities – from investor-owned to municipalities to cooperatives," said R. Blake Young, CEO and President, Comverge. "With these new IP-based solutions, we have dramatically reduced the costs associated with implementing sophisticated two-way demand response programs, while at the same time providing the tools required to enhance communications between utilities and their customers. This is a powerful and very valuable combination that will enable demand response programs to leverage the integration of direct load control, dynamic pricing and consumer engagement to play an even larger role in our nation's energy mix."

Devices Reduce Cost of Demand Respond Programs and Optimize Communications between Utilities and Customers

-- Comverge provides a suite of intelligent energy management solutions that optimize the deployment and execution of demand response programs such as direct load control and dynamic pricing.

-- The new Comverge IntelliPEAK DirectLink™ DCUs and Comverge IntelliTEMP DirectLink™ smart thermostats extend the suite by providing innovative devices that cost-effectively improve communications between utilities and customers.

  • IntelliPEAK DirectLink DCUs provide:
  • Multiple communication protocols including integrated Wi‐Fi or 3G GSM, enabling remote programming, status reporting, real‐time control events and telemetry collection.
  • A direct interface with Comverge's IntelliSOURCE Demand Response Management System, the company's software platform that enables energy providers to manage load, optimize distribution system operations and maintain economic control.
  • Two programmable relays that can be configured to enact pre‐programmed control strategies for up to four time periods per day, in addition to immediate dispatch operations.
  • Flexibility in controlling single or multiple loads, including summer peaking applications (such as HVAC, water heaters, pool pump motors, backyard spas, etc.) and winter peaking applications (namely, electric water heaters and resistive strip heat).
  • The IntelliTEMP DirectLink smart thermostats provide:
  • Multiple communications options including a user-replaceable USNAP communication module, Wi-Fi or VHF paging.
  • The flexibility to be configurable to support a large number of HVAC systems.
  • The ability to leverage Comverge's adaptive cycling technology to monitor the HVAC operation and control cycles using percentage-based commands, which helps eliminate "free riders" and enables greater load reduction and more equitable control across customers.

-- In addition to the new DCUs and smart thermostats, Comverge today introduced Comverge SmartConsumer™, an integrated suite of software and services that inspires residential customers to become more energy aware and results in a reduction in base load for utilities. For more details on SmartConsumer, please visit:

-- To learn more about IntelliPEAK DirectLink DCUs and IntelliTEMP DirectLink smart thermostats, please visit

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