Quantum Technology Announces New Daily Specials on All RAM Memory Products

Boca Raton, Jan. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quantum Technology, an industry leading manufacturer of PC Systems and Network Device upgrades is thrilled to reveal the new daily specials, deals and promotions on their online merchandise. Quantum Technology is the largest and most accurate online parts database offering factory direct pricing concurrently with wholesale and quantity discounts.

The technology manufacturer specializes in RAM Memory Upgrades, Flash and Solid State Storage from the oldest existing and rare upgrades to the newest releases. Quantum Technology manufactures distributes sells and supports RAM Memory and Storage Upgrades for all major brands and categories of memory including Servers, Desktop memory upgrades, Laptop memory upgrades, tablet PC Systems, Routers, Printers, Music Devices as well as any device that can benefit from memory upgrades.

Quantum Technology provides a newsletter, sending out emails to keep you up to date on all exclusive offers, deals and promotions that the company is offering at the time.

Alexander Price, President of Quantum Technology commented, "We believe that we have two business differentiators - our comprehensive product line and our superior end-user purchasing process. From the initial purchase to post-sale support we strive to always provide our customers with life-time guaranteed products at affordable prices."

Quantum Technology guarantees their products and services to be superior to any others available and backs that up with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty. The company is so confident in their prices that they challenge customers to find a better overall deal, in which they will immediately beat upon verification. On top of exceptional pricing, the company offers free shipping on all Memory Upgrades, for any quantity.

Source: QT Memory