Got Milk? Friday Night Lights' Peter Berg on Directing Super Bowl Ad

Peter Berg may be best known for bringing to life "Friday Night Lights." He first directed the story of a small town high school football team as a film, then he turned it into a hit television show.

Now Berg is playing in a much bigger football game — the Super Bowl.

The Hollywood veteran is directing a Super Bowl commercial for the Got Milk? group. While this is milk's first Super Bowl ad, it is Berg's fourth. One of his earlier commercials was for Hulu, starring Alec Baldwin, produced by his company Pony Show Entertainment.

"They're not so easy to get. Everybody wants to do one," Berg told me during a break in filming. "You've got 100 plus million eyeballs on your commercial, you know, it's exciting." (Read More: 'The Rock,' America's New Milkman)

The commercial was being shot earlier this month in Southern California at an intersection in Long Beach strewn with the remains of a derailed circus parade.

This commercial reunites Berg with Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock," whom he directed in "The Rundown" in 2003. "Dwayne Johnson is an old buddy of mine."

The milk processors are hoping CBS will air the commercial in the second quarter. (Read More: Twitter Ups Its Game in Super Bowl Ads.)

Berg said 80 percent of the success of a Super Bowl ad is in the creative work done before he even sees a script. He thinks this commercial will be a hit because, for one thing, it is "big and epic."

But can milk compete against beer and soda during the Super Bowl? Listen to Berg's reaction in the video above. He also sums up his feelings about the money this kind of gig pays. (Read More: For Super Bowl Ads, It's Viral or Go Home.)

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—By CNBC's Jane Wells; Follow her on Twitter: @janewells