InoLife Technologies Introduces the Marketing of JuVesse as the First of Its Skin Care Line of Products

RALEIGH, N.C., Jan. 31, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InoLife Technologies, Inc. ("InoLife") (OTCQB:INOLD), announces they will begin marketing the JuVesse skin care product as the first of many new and exciting skin care products.

JuVesse is an age reversing product which is a chemical free formula for the activation of endogenous "stem cells" in the skin and body, formulated exclusively from all natural ingredients. The underlying science and technology embodied in these products was the result of over two decades of international and domestic research into the natural causes of aging, and how to reverse the aging process. This breakthrough science has multiple applications including creams and lotions for "anti-aging" or "age reverses" stimulating follicle growth, facilitating skin repair and curing cystic acne. The JuVesse cream for the face and body contain "anti-aging benefits" by activating the body's own "stem cells" in the skin to increase the natural substances which promote moisture and fullness in the skin, and activate each cell to regenerate the tissue. This technology is actually using nature itself to reverse its own natural aging processes.

"We feel the timing is great for the introduction of the JuVesse skin care product. This is the first of many other exciting new skin care products. The global market for skin care products remains robust, with North American and EU sales projected to reach $274 Billion by 2013," said Gary Berthold, CEO of InoLife. "The "anti aging" segment of the skin care is burgeoning. This explosive growth is being bolstered by the aging baby boomer population and the increasing awareness about age prevention by younger consumers in the 25 to 30 year old age group."

About InoLife Technologies, Inc.

InoLife Technologies' mission is to aggressively identify, manufacture and market innovative and affordable healthcare products and services directly to the marketplace. InoLife Technologies, Inc. markets the commercial use of proprietary Intellectual Property by manufacturing, brand marketing and selling an integrated program of age reversing creams and lotions.

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