There's No Bond Bubble: DoubleLine’s Baha

The bond bubble doesn't exist, Bonnie Baha of DoubleLine Capital said Thursday.

"The best play is to be selective and be cautious," she said. "Look, we are going into a bond-picker's market."

Baha also noted that U.S. Treasury bonds were not overvalued relative to other fixed-income assets.

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Baha was asked whether she thought stocks were overbought.

"I would say getting awfully close," she said.

Baha, head of Global Developed Credit Group, cited DoubleLine founder Jeff Gundlach's favorable assessment of the 10-year Treasury bond with a yield around 2 percent.

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"Last year, we would say buy anything rated triple-C," she added, noting that junk bonds were yielding 3 to 4 percent.

"I would not say avoid the market completely, but be careful," Baha said.

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