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New York, Feb. 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the tails of CES, global media communications agency Havas Media released today a video exploring one of the hottest trends for consumers and marketers today: Life Tracking and the Quantified Self. Through today's technologies, life tracking allows people to measure and monitor the activities in their daily lives, from eating and sleeping to exercising and shopping.

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Life tracking systems include wearable computing - sensors, trackers and cameras embedded in shoes, wristbands, hats, clothing, etc. - and connected smart devices - mobile phones, monitors, home appliances and entertainment systems. Using these systems, one can measure, monitor and visualize performance; optimize daily activities to be healthier and more productive; make more informed purchase decisions; and manage social reputation.

"69% of U.S. adults track a health indicator like weight, diet, exercise routine or a symptom," according to the latest survey by the Pew Internet Project. "Of those, half track 'in their heads,' one-third keep notes on paper, and one in five use technology to keep tabs on their health status."

For marketers, there are many areas of opportunity to become a useful part of people's lives through life tracking. Sponsorship of branded challenges, connecting with people around the emotional value of personal achievements and providing real-time feedback and recommendations are just a few of the ways brands can connect with consumers in this space. Categories that may provide the best opportunities for marketers include healthy living, competitive sports, home improvement, cost savings, educational training and sustainability.

"Quantified numbers give a way for people to compare against others and hopefully evolve their performance," said Rori DuBoff, SVP, Director of Global Strategy, Havas Media.

"People we've talked to have said the reason it's exploding now is the widespread ability of a really good user interface," said Joe Brown, Editor in Chief, Gizmodo.com. "The ability for somebody to actually look at their data, process their data and make something more out of it than just a number."

"Historically, marketers have taken surveys," said Phuc Truong, Managing Director, Mobext. "But surveys can be biased based on the feeling of the individual responding to that survey at the time. Data is data. Data doesn't lie. So if marketers can validate their consumer behavior with data, it will further validate the strategies they want to deploy."

"A more quantified self is evolving," said DuBoff. "It's an opportunity for marketers to recognize their strong and active customers and engage with them and develop relationships with them to help improve their brand."

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