Chicago Chiropractor Offers Non-Surgical Curvature Correction

CHICAGO, Feb. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Chicago chiropractor wants Chicago residents to know that many cases of abnormal spinal curvature can be corrected without resorting to surgery. According to Dr. KayLynne Koubsky of Universal Health Source, spinal alignment issues such as scoliosis, often respond to chiropractic treatment and other non-invasive corrective methods. "Early detection and regular treatment sessions can slow or even stop abnormal curvature and its possible complications," says Dr. Koubsky.

The human spine normally maintains a gentle S-shaped curve (when viewed in profile) to help it provide correct vertical support. Certain health conditions, however, can introduce irregularities into this alignment. Depending on the location of the abnormal curvature, explains Dr. Koubsky, a variety of mild to severe health problems can result, including lower back pain, reduced lung capacity, and nerve impingements that cause pain or loss of function in the extremities.

The abnormal curvature may be visible either front to back to side to side, taking for the form of an extra S-curve or C-curve. The chiropractor cites scoliosis and osteoporosis as two primary causes of such abnormalities. "Osteoporosis may in fact be a contributing factor in the development of scoliosis, or the scoliosis may develop on its own during childhood," she says.

"Osteoporosis is known for causing a spinal deformity called Dowager's Hump, an extra curve in the upper spine." Dr. Koubsky notes that even ordinary life circumstances can have a negative affect on the spine's alignment, including its curvature. Poor posture and uneven leg length are two such issues. Office workers who spend an inordinate amount of time hunched over at their desks, for instance, may experience pain and other symptoms. Uneven leg length can throw too much weight on one side of the body and throw the spine out of its normal curvature, allowing intervertebral discs to herniate or bulge into surrounding nerves and cause sciatica symptoms.

Dr. Koubsky states that chiropractic adjustments and supportive therapies can help prevent an abnormal curvature from becoming so severe that it only responds to surgical intervention. "It is wiser to consider an invasive procedure such as major surgery a last resort for curvature correction," she says, urging patients to get a chiropractic evaluation first. Chiropractic adjustments, she says, have proven highly effective in correcting spinal misalignments, while exercise, orthotics (to correct leg length issues), physical therapy, and ongoing wellness checkups can help the spine maintain its correct alignment. Her clinic can also prescribe braces that naturally slow or stop scoliosis in younger patients. The Chiropractor invites Chicago residents in need of curvature correction to contact her office for more information about chiropractic adjustments and other treatment options.

In addition to correcting spinal curvature problems, Universal Health Source also offers preventative wellness care and treatment for chronic illnesses, auto accident injuries and sports injuries.

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