Chicago Chiropractor Provides Personal Pain Management Programs

CHICAGO, Feb. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Mark Cohen, DC of the Chicago Pain Center has developed an integrated, whole body approach to helping his patients deal with pain. Whether patients come to the center looking for relief from pain associated with a personal injury accident or a work-related accident, are dealing with the debilitating effects of a chronic condition such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, or want to improve wellness, Chicago Pain Center will put together a unique pain management program to help them deal with their condition and live a healthier life.

"My number one goal is always to help patients improve their health so that they will be at less risk for pain or illness in the first place," said Dr. Cohen. "When patients come to see me for pain relief, I search for the underlying cause of that pain so that it can be addressed and patients can return to daily living more quickly. I also provide guidance in other areas so they will experience ongoing health and wellness."

The Chicago chiropractor says that he takes a three-step approach to working with all of his patients. Since he knows that many problems are related to an imbalance in the spinal column, he first performs an in-depth examination with new patients to uncover any underlying causes of pain or discomfort. He then develops a unique plan for each patient that provides corrective care to help restore balance in the spinal column, restore mobility and manage pain. This phase may involve hands-on chiropractic care, physical therapy, or massage therapy, depending on each patient's individual needs and medical history.

Once the pain is diminished and the patient has returned to a fuller level of everyday functioning, Dr. Cohen uses an integration of strengthening exercises and changes in daily habits to help patients make healthier choices to further prevent pain.

"Pain management is not a one-size-fits-all therapy," concluded the chiropractor. "For example, when patients have a personal injury from an automobile accident they may be experiencing pain from whiplash or fractures. I might perform adjustments to bring the neck and spinal column back into realignment, and then begin a course of physical therapy. When patients are experiencing pain from a chronic condition such as arthritis, a course of treatment that includes more massage therapy to relieve stiffness can be beneficial. With all patients, I tailor each pain management plan to fit their specific needs."

Chicago Pain Center, LTD is located at 6224 S Pulaski Rd. Further information on the Center or any of its services may be found by visiting the website at or calling 815-828-6744. Patients may also connect with the practice through Facebook and Twitter.

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