Flower Mound Chiropractor Recommends Acupuncture for Stress Relief

FLOWER MOUND, Texas, Feb. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flower Mound chiropractor Dr. Randy Butler is recommending acupuncture to help manage stress. According to recent scientific studies, stimulation of acupuncture points in the hands, feet or earlobes trigger the release of neurotransmitters that elevate mood and reduce stress. Stress is linked to an increased risk for chronic health problems, including heart disease and cancer, as well as low-grade illnesses and general poor health. Dr. Butler recommends regular treatments for stress management and whole body health. Patients may receive treatments at Butler Chiropractic Clinic.

It's natural to feel overwhelmed by hectic schedules and endless to-do lists. To help combat this stress, chiropractor Dr. Randy Butler is recommending that his patients try acupuncture in conjunction with chiropractic treatment.

"Many people know that acupuncture can help relieve back pain and headaches," said Dr. Butler. "However, few people know the important role this therapy plays in stress reduction."

Acupuncture treatments have been linked to both a decrease in stress and depression. The acupuncture point placements elevate mood, release tension trapped within the muscles, and may reduce the frequency of tension headaches.

"Stress management is an incredibly important part of whole body health," said Dr. Butler. "All too often we dismiss stress as an unpleasant part of our modern lives. However, stress increases the risk for chronic health problems, as well as low-grade illnesses. Natural therapies like acupuncture are extremely effective at reducing stress and improving overall health."

When the body is under stress, our brain signals the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones, including cortisol and epinephrine. In small doses, these hormones prepare the body for a "flight or fight" protection response.

Dr. Butler said, "Most of the stress we experience is triggered by emotions, rather than a threat to our physical survival. Our body is unable to distinguish between the stress of a wild animal attack and a tight work deadline."

According to Dr. Butler, stress hormones can do very real damage to the body. They increase cancer-causing free radicals, inflammation, and the risk for chronic illnesses, including cancer and heart disease.

"While it is not possible to avoid every stressful situation, it is possible to take proactive steps to combat the stress we experience in our lives each day," said Dr. Butler. "Regular treatments, in conjunction with exercise, can help your body better manage stress and improve overall health."

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