Respected New York Firm Ramps Up Staffing for Clients With Automated Notification From MIR3

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SAN DIEGO, Feb. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MIR3, Inc., the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification (IN®) and response technology, today announced that with the help of technology partner BroadBlast it has worked with Fusco Personnel, a respected New York recruitment firm, to solve the challenge of contacting a large number of employee candidates at once.

Before adopting notification, when recruiters at Fusco Personnel got a call from a client to fill a position, they would call a list of qualified candidates individually to gauge interest and arrange interviews, often leaving messages and waiting for a call back. To contact enough candidates to potentially fill one position, the process could take as long as two hours. Since it's common for recruiters to get requests from several people to fill a number of positions at once, much of their time was spent on the phone.

By using Intelligent Notification, recruiters can now quickly prepare a message and deliver it by a variety of modes, including phone, email and SMS, to any number of qualified candidates in just moments. Interested candidates can respond to the message easily, saving recruiters from making unnecessary calls. The system allows recruiters to target specific groups, such as those with advanced education or experience.

"When we get a call from a client, we select a group of candidates, craft a message and deliver it to all potential interviewees in just minutes," says Patty Fusco, founder and company president. "Since everyone gets the message at the same time, we're less likely to miss anyone on our list."

Kathy Lanni, senior vice president of BroadBlast, Inc., says, "Fusco is a great example of a company willing to embrace technology to fill positions more quickly and better serve their clients."

"Fusco understands how automated notification can benefit clients, and by using it has streamlined the staffing process," said René Grossrieder, executive vice president, worldwide sales at MIR3.

Fusco Personnel plans to expand notifications to include benefit plan updates and other information that needs to be delivered to everyone quickly. For more about how Fusco Personnel uses Intelligent Notification, read the Fusco Personnel case study.


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