Cost Benefits of Terralene Fuels Recognized

NEW YORK, Feb. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Terralene Fuels Corporation (OTCBB:GSPT) announces that its patented alternate fuel formulation is starting to gain recognition in the specialized fuel industry. Terralene Fuel can be used as a gasoline replacement or a fuel additive. Terralene's fuel composition is 55% fossil fuel based and 45% renewable biofuel based.

With many governments across the globe having implemented mandatory bio-fuel blends (E10) with conventional fuel to further boost up the demand for bio-fuel, unfortunately most blends use the more costly Anhydrous Ethanol (no water content) to blend with gasoline. Terralene uses the considerably less expensive Hydrous Ethanol (some water content) in its formulation.

Given the fact that 29% of its formulation is Hydrous Ethanol, the comparatively low cost of Hydrous Ethanol makes it possible for Terralene Fuel to be very competitive in the alternative fuel market. Furthermore, most imported ethanol is produced from sugar cane which is considered more economically viable, lowering the competitive costs for Terralene. The lower cost sugar cane ethanol can also be produced in warm climates in the U.S. and used in the Terralene Blend.

In addition, while most vehicles fueled with biofuels and compressed natural gas (CNG) emit less carbon emissions than gasoline, which Terralene also does, they do not provide the same mileage for the amount of fuel used in a vehicle as gasoline. Terralene provides almost exactly the same mileage distance that gasoline does, making Terralene a more convenient and economical fuel alternative for the future.

In reaction to the recent fiscal cliff bill signed into law, Jaclyn Cruz, President of Terralene Fuels Corporation, commented, "Thanks to this bill announcement, a blend of fuel that contains more ethanol could soon reach more consumers than ever. This presents a wonderful opportunity for Terralene Fuels."

About Terralene Fuels

Terralene® is a patented, proprietary, alternative fuel formulation which reduces greenhouse gases and other environmentally damaging emissions which are prevalent in existing gasoline combustion engines. Although the formulation is somewhat based on fossil fuels and other non food chain agricultural components, it is designed as a Green and Clean Alternative Renewable Fuel.

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