Dell, Ellison & Malone Are Telling Your Something: Cramer

The wheeling and dealings of three shrewd businessmen should speak volumes to you.

"John Malone, Michael Dell and Larry Ellison know value and they know bargains," said Jim Cramer on Tuesday's broadcast.

And all three have recently made strategic moves.

The Mad Money host considers recent developments telling – so telling, in fact, that he thinks their moves should inform your next moves.

Here's what you need to know.

Larry Ellison

"Ellison is the man who created Oracle, one of the great tech companies of our time, a $168 billion behemoth built on the best technology that could be invented or acquired," said Cramer.

Earlier this week, Oracle inked a deal to buy Acme Packet, which makes network equipment to speed up voice, video and data delivery across networks, for about $2 billion. The $29.25 per share offer is at a 22 percent premium to Acme Packet's Friday close.

It may looking like Ellison is paying up but the stock's down from $83 less than a year ago," Cramer explained.

Now, what does that have to do with you?

Ellison is taking advantage of the pullback and buying," Cramer said. "If ever there was a buyer of weakness, it's Larry Ellison."


Michael Dell

Dell agreed to be taken private Tuesday in a $24.4 billion buyout deal by a consortium led by its founder and chief executive, Michael Dell, in the biggest leveraged buyout since the 2008 financial crisis.

According to the agreement, shareholders will receive $13.65 in cash per share for common stock in a deal that will allow Dell and the private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners to acquire the company.

What's the lesson, here?

"He's another huge dip buyer," said Cramer. The acquisition price of $13.65 price tag is a lot less than the $58 where Dell traded a decade ago, less than the $42 seven years ago, and less than the $25 five years ago," Cramer said.

Again Cramer said the lesson to be learned is that Michael Dell is taking advantage of the pullback and find his company's share price attractive.

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John Malone

John Malone's Liberty Global struck a deal to buy British cable group Virgin Media for about $23 billion, a move that would put the U.S. billionaire up against old rival Rupert Murdoch.

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Liberty and Virgin said in a statement on Tuesday that under the terms of the deal, Virgin Media shareholders will receive around $47.87 in cash and stock per Virgin Media share, a 24 percent premium to Friday's closing price.

This titan didn't wait for a pullback, shares of Virgin Media have marched steadily higher since 2011.

What's the takeaway for you?

Considering the future growth potential, Malone must think this stock is still cheap. And, he must see great opportunity in Europe.

The deal gives Liberty entry to one of Europe's biggest telecom markets and allow it to apply lessons learned as a pay-TV and broadband provider in 11 other European countries.

What's the bottom line?

If actions speak louder than words, then Dell, Ellison and Malone may be trying to tell you something. With the Dow at 14,000 these business titans aren't worried that the market is overextended. They're looking at valuations in the stock market and pulling the trigger.

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