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WOBURN, Mass., Feb. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following a beta that attracted more users than any other in the company's history, LogMeIn Inc. (Nasdaq:LOGM) announced the general availability of its new cloud sync and storage service, Cubby. An easy-to-use, secure cloud service for sharing files across devices and with other people, Cubby offers the flexibility to turn any number of PC or Mac folders into 'cubbies' that can be accessed from Android phones and tablets, iPads and iPhones, as well other PCs and Macs from virtually anywhere in the world. People can quickly share individual files or entire folders with others via a simple one-click link, or can choose to invite friends, colleagues, clients, and business partners into their 'cubbies' to collaborate across shared files and projects. The free version, Cubby Basic, includes Cubby's signature sync-in-place flexibility (any folder can be a 'cubby'), free desktop and mobile apps, 5GB of cloud storage, and the ability to share files via the cloud. A premium version, Cubby Pro, builds on this by offering the flexibility to share content across computers with or without the cloud (via Cubby's distinct DirectSync™ mode), additional controls for sharing your most sensitive content, multi-user accounts, and 100GB or more of cloud storage.

Cubby joins LogMeIn's popular online meeting and collaboration service, and LogMeIn's namesake remote access product, LogMeIn Free/Pro, as part of the company's access and collaboration cloud services. These simple, secure cloud services – offered in both free and premium versions – are used by tens of millions of individuals to work from virtually anywhere across a blend of work and personal devices, while helping hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses boost collaboration across distributed teams and offices.

"Cloud file sharing services too often force people to make choices between personal or business use, simplicity or flexibility, accessibility or security –compromises that don't reflect the realities of how technology is increasingly adopted and used in today's mobile workplace. A nod to the rise of employee-introduced consumer cloud apps, Cubby is designed to deliver the elegance and ease individuals enjoy with the security and flexibility businesses demand," said Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn. "We believe that the overwhelmingly positive response we received during the Cubby beta – attracting both first-time cloud file sharing users and converts – points to broader demand for services like Cubby that help individuals and businesses, alike, reimagine the ways they collaborate on content."

This blend of ease, security, and flexibility helped Cubby attract consumers, professionals, teams and even entire businesses into the beta.

"Cubby gives our staff an easy way to make their files accessible and easily sharable without asking them to change the way they work – there's no need to dump everything into a single magic cloud folder or replicate their existing folders in another service," said Shannon Browne, IT manager at Xander Media Group, a Pennsylvania-based publisher of trade magazines. "It's secure, and requires virtually no instruction to get started. Cubby just works the way we do, and that means our team members can collaborate on the projects needed to meet our deadlines, no matter where they are."

A breakdown of Cubby Basic and Cubby Pro

The Basic version of Cubby includes:

  • 5GB free cloud storage, with the option to earn extra storage by referring others who create a Cubby account
  • Access to files anywhere from virtually any device via Cubby's free desktop, web and mobile apps (includes Windows-based PCs, Macs, Android devices, iPads and iPhones), including the ability to sync files across multiple devices using the cloud
  • The flexibility to make any folder a 'cubby' – and make as many cubbies as desired
  • Multiple ways to share files and collaborate with others. Content can be shared with others by inviting them into a cubby, which lets both parties see, work with, and sync content; or it can be shared through simple read-only links to files and cubbies, an option that provides quick sharing even with people who don't have a Cubby account

Cubby Pro yearly subscriptions start at $6.99/month per user, prepaid annually ($83.88/year) and include:

  • Syncing of information across devices with or without cloud data storage. Cubby Pro's distinct DirectSync™ mode provides the ability to sync an unlimited amount of information across computers (PCs and Macs) without ever having to store your data in the cloud. DirectSync can be used individually or collaboratively with any other Cubby Pro user to share small collections of files or even terabytes of content across devices.
  • Optional added control and security over sensitive information with Cubby Locks. Both the Basic and Pro versions of Cubby have been architected from the ground up to be highly secure. Cubby is built on LogMeIn's own cloud data sync and storage service – not hosted on a third party cloud data platform – and takes advantage of the same online-banking-level encryption capabilities used in LogMeIn's connectivity offerings (like LogMeIn Free and Pro, LogMeIn Rescue and With Cubby Locks, users of Cubby Pro gain additional control over access to their most sensitive information, including password requirements on shared cubbies and sole ownership of their encryption keys.
  • 100GB of cloud storage per user. Cubby Pro users start with 100GB per user and can simply add users and additional space as desired. In multiuser accounts, this additional space is shared between users, making it a perfect option for team collaboration (e.g. a 2 user pro account costs $13.98 per month billed annually and comes with 200GB of cloud storage that can be shared between the users). Cubby Pro accounts with multiple users can also be upgraded to add more individual space or shared space, as desired.

LogMeIn is opening up the option for both new and existing Cubby users to take a risk-free 14-day test drive of Cubby Pro's premium features, at any time, simply by activating the features in the product.

Additional info and background on Cubby:

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