Northridge Dental Group Offers a Teeth Whitening Special Promotion

Northridge Dental Group

Northridge, CA, Feb. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Northridge Dental Group is currently offering a limited-time special on teeth whitening. For $179, patients who qualify are eligible to receive a dental whitening treatment. Certain restrictions apply, such as the state of the patient's oral health and the presence of dental work or tooth-colored fillings or crowns. Shahdad Arami DDS, Northridge cosmetic dentist, will notify the patient of their eligibility for the offer after the preliminary examination.

The dental professionals at the Northridge Dental Group offer a variety of whitening treatments designed to remove years of stains from the teeth. These options include the use of peroxide gels, bleaching gels, and laser whitening. The whitening treatment that the dentist selects depends on the type of dental stains located on the enamel. Patients should inquire about the available treatments during the preliminary examination.

In addition to teeth whitening treatments, Dr. Ariz, dentist in Northridge, and Dr. Arami offer an array of cosmetic dental procedures, including dental implants to replace missing teeth, Invisalign aligners to help straighten the teeth without wires or brackets, and porcelain dental veneers to lend the teeth a whiter appearance.

Each of the Northridge dentists has a high level of expertise as well as a superior education in their chosen area of specialty, from endodontics to oral and maxillofacial surgery. This range of specializations allows the dentists to treat a number of dental issues. For example, Farshid Ariz DMD, Northridge dental implants expert, treats periodontal disease and performs cosmetic dental procedures that affect the gums. He also performs oral surgery and a number of other dental procedures. Dr. Arami, Northridge Invisalign provider, uses this revolutionary treatment to fix the misalignment problems of the teeth without using metal brackets and wires.

To take advantage of this limited time special dental whitening promotion, or to schedule an appointment or consultation for another dental or oral health issue, contact Northridge Dental Group. The dentists at the Northridge dental Group are currently welcoming new patients.

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