Agiliron Suite V5.0 Now Integrates with Intuit QuickBooks - Delivers Complete Commerce Suite for Small Businesses

Agiliron Product Overview - Integrated Multi-Channel Commerc

Portland, OR, Feb. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agiliron ( today announced that Version 5.0 of its Agiliron Suite now integrates with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions and is available on Intuit App Center ( This combination of the Agiliron Suite with real-time integration to QuickBooks ushers in a bold new option for small businesses looking for a complete integration of all multi-channel commerce-related functions.

Agiliron - The Complete Commerce Suite for QuickBooks

What Industry Observers are Saying

"We are excited that Agiliron has leveraged our platform to create a rich application that will delight our QuickBooks users and solve real needs," said Alex Chriss, director of the Intuit Partner Platform. "By bringing Agiliron Suite and QuickBooks together, our small business customers are able to have enterprise-class data integration across multiple functions of their business."

Doug Sleeter, CEO of The Sleeter Group says, "Now that Agiliron is integrated with QuickBooks through the Intuit Partner Platform, we finally have a comprehensive and tightly integrated suite for managing and selling products online and offline for small and medium sized businesses. This combination of the Agiliron Suite and QuickBooks delivers a fully integrated suite for multi-channel commerce with inventory management, ERP and CRM, all in one. This integration of enterprise-wide operational systems is comparable to the high-end solutions that require a much higher investment. But since Agiliron is available at prices small and medium business can afford, this sets a bold new price performance benchmark in the marketplace."

Intuit Premier Reseller Jim Savage and CEO of Savage & Associates says "QuickBooks Enterprise Edition customers no longer need to be tempted to consider NetSuite just to get the benefits of integration. Now that the Agiliron Suite 5.0 integrates with QuickBooks, customers can have the benefits of enterprise integration with Agiliron's complete application suite for commerce. The real news here is that the market now has a 'NetSuite equivalent' for small and medium sized business. Combined together, the Agiliron Suite 5.0 and QuickBooks, integrated via the Intuit Partner Platform, offer a serious and much more affordable alternative to NetSuite for small and middle-sized businesses."

Potential Benefits for 4 million QuickBooks Users

This seamless integration between QuickBooks and the Agiliron Suite Version 5 translates to:

  • substantive time and money savings for potentially millions of QuickBooks customers who have product-selling businesses
  • new revenue opportunities by making it feasible to open multiple channels of commerce
  • a whole new benchmark for IT price performance in the market

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Contact Information

Stan Roach, Chief Customer Officer
Phone: 1.855.244.5476 x705

About Agiliron

AgilironTM ( is a SaaS software technology company focused on delivering the "Complete Multi-Channel Commerce Suite for QuickBooks". Targeted at product-based small businesses, the Suite supports:

  • multiple channels of commerce - includes shopping cart systems for business-to-consumer and business-to-business webstores, marketplaces like eBay (and Amazon support is coming in first half of 2013), brick & mortar SaaS point-of-sale software and third party webstores via API
  • back-office (ERP) functions - includes product management, inventory (matrix, serial, lots), pricing, shipping and fulfillment, supply management, assembly, PO's, BOM's
  • front-office (CRM) functions - includes customer and sales management, order management, customer service ticket help, email marketing, reporting, role security, total business customization

The Agiliron Suite facilitates top line business growth through Multiple Sales Channels, increases efficiencies and lowers operational costs with effective and integrated Front-office & Back-office functions and improves real-time visibility across the entire business through aggregation of data into a single system.

About The Sleeter Group

The Sleeter Group ( is the highest quality provider of technical reference materials, software expertise, and QuickBooks training materials for accounting solutions consultants. The company has developed a broad range of "best practices" for proper implementation of small- to medium-sized business accounting software systems, and has become a trusted advisor for the accounting software consulting community. The Sleeter Group Consultants Network is a community of experts who provide consulting services to small- to medium-sized business owners in the accounting software and business process design areas. In addition to the Consultants Network, resources from The Sleeter Group include reference books, Webinars for all levels, live seminars, an annual Accounting Solutions Conference, a QuickBooks consultant certification program, practice management tools, QuickBooks teaching systems, and a free online newsletter.

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CONTACT: Stan Roach, Chief Customer Officer Phone: 1.855.244.5476 x705 Email:

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