Announcement Concerning the Provision of Information to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

TOKYO, Feb. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Universal Entertainment Corporation reported the receipt of suggestions from the Third-party Committee and its response to these suggestions on February 5, 2013 in a press release titled "Announcement Regarding the Suggestions of the Third-party Committee."

Although there is no direct relationship with these suggestions, the Third-party Committee's suggestions included the statement that a large volume of highly confidential information concerning three companies that have absolutely no relationship with our Company was found on the company PC used by Mr. "N" who is a former employee of our Company, Administration Division Manager, Japan Branch, Aruze USA.

This discovery was made during the investigation performed by the Third-party Committee.

This confidential information is information that is critical to the operations of these three companies. For example, the information includes customer information, detailed personal information about employees, payroll data, earnings projections and contracts that are the basis for business operations. This is all useful information that is managed as confidential personal and corporate information. Moreover, none of this information was available to the public.

There is a massive amount of this information (13,834 files equivalent to about 70,000 pages; volume of about 10 gigabytes) and it is in a format that makes the information extremely difficult to restore. Overall, there are many points about this matter that are unusual and suspicious.

Furthermore, it is clear that there is absolutely no doubt that this information was obtained and stored by Mr. "N" because:

(1) The information was found on the hard disk of the company PC used exclusively by Mr. "N" that required his ID to operate.

(2) All three companies where the information originated employed Mr. "N" at one time in the past.

We carefully examined the proper response to this matter in criminal investigations. Since this appears to be a criminal incident, we reached the conclusion that entrusting this matter to the police is the proper and most suitable course of action.

As a result, today we used the so-called "provision of information about an incident" format to give these information about this matter background information to the 2nd Investigation Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

We are therefore announcing that this incident has become police judgment whether or not there are case characteristics and we are no longer associated with this matter.

The information that was held by Mr. "N" includes a large volume of documents such as contracts, meeting minutes of our Company which violate the company's internal rule as well as disguised documents, that were prepared by Mr. "N" with absolutely no relationship with his duties at the company and that were not passed on to the associated departments and decision-making departments. In addition, these documents include files that are almost identical to recent news reported by large media companies. Further investigations and analysis will be needed due to the large number of highly unusual and suspicious aspects of this matter.

In addition, there was an article in today's Asahi Shimbun indicating the existence of an internal document titled "Resolution of the Board of Directors" that cannot exist under our management system. Asahi Shimbun will not show us these documents. We also want to receive these documents so that we can check their veracity. But this is also impossible. Consequently, as long as Asahi Shimbun refuses to show us these alleged internal documents, we have no alternative other than having serious doubts about the reasons and intent of Asahi Shimbun concerning this news report.

With regard to the results of these investigations, we plan to make announcements in a timely and proper manner as information becomes available.

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